Thursday, December 14, 2006

A Hard Day's Blog

After a month of posting every day, I'm now struggling to post once a week. Perhaps it's burnout, perhaps it's spending two weeks hawking, hacking, and heaving every ounce of mucus out of my body 24/7, perhaps it's having a teething--we're up to three teeth now people . . . stop him before he cuts another one!--five-month old baby in the house.

It's something.

To my credit, I've started writing two posts this week, but life keeps interfering. Doesn't life know that I have a blog to update, damnit?

Apparently not.

So I'm going to do what always works when confronted by superior opposition, like life or time: I'm going to cheat. I'm being helped in my efforts this morning by Liberal Banana, who just completed her move out of our building, which was sad for all of us. Barky is waiting for her to return:

What does cheating entail in blogging? Stealing a post from someone else. However, since Auntie Banana's not blogging anymore, I prefer to view this as acting as her proxy, passing on her good writing and humor to you in her stead.

In this case, she wrote about a serious topic that I agonized over greatly before 3B was born. I doubt that the debate will ever end on this topic, but there is some new information on it, as LB explains:

As I stood on the Metro platform this morning reading my Express newspaper, I almost laughed out loud.

The main story was titled, "Circumcision May Limit HIV". As I read through it, there was a quote by an official at the World Health Organization.

His name?

Dr. Kevin De Cock.

Seriously. Check it out (at the very end of page 1).


  1. Anonymous1:35 PM

    Aw, poor Barky! That is just so sad:-(

  2. that's awesome.

    (liberal banana stopped blogging?)

  3. Oh no, no more Auntie Banana? Poor Bradsteins.

    Yah, I was starting to feel a little kvetchy that you weren't posting much...but I'll cut you some slack. You've got a job, a wife and baby, and some kind of icky infection...I guess blogging goes lower on the totem pole sometimes.