Thursday, December 28, 2006

Moving Pictures

I'm going to cross-post some of my own pics here from Flickr, because I figure that most of you are as lazy as I am and won't go over to Flickr to see the full set.

3B takes what's his

The pictures aren't great quality, since Mama still has our real camera at the farm, so these are all from my phone, which is interesting (to me anyway), since cell phones are essentially radios, and it was approximately 100 years ago that the first audio radio transmissions were made--and not by Marconi, smartypants.

Mmm...Christmas...3B enjoys his first stocking

Interesting how far we've come in 100 years--to the point that we've married up portable radios and the wires and fibers of the internet to allow each of us to connect to each other and transmit audio, photos, video, and text. And we can all have that without having to haul around either our own radio tower or a 3,000-mile long phone cord.

Then again, is it really progress that in 100 years we only went from dot-dot-dot, dash-dash-dash, dot-dot-dot to "LOL"?

3B's first highchair meal

As I'm doing this, I'm also trying to catch up on my blog reading, and I couldn't help but watch Heather from Dooce on CNN because although I feel like I know her voice and vision, I've never seen her speak:

A few points of interest

  • Other than Soledad, Heather's the only woman on camera.
  • Heather's the only one who proposes a woman as the person of the year.
  • Heather's the one whose guess--when she talks about how blogs have "empowered our nation"--is closest to who TIME actually picked when they wussed out and picked everyone.
  • Everyone agrees that YouTube has had a large influence, which is timely, even though this video is days old by now, since today is the anniversary of the first film screening.

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