Wednesday, January 31, 2007

If I only had a brain . . .

If I wasn't so much like the Scarecrow, I wouldn't have commented on a months-old post over at the Hygiene Chronicles as if it were newly posted today. I also wouldn't wonder why someone found my blog by searching for "origami stapler," because I would remember that I had written about it in the past. I also would remember that I had written somewhere in this blog about lacking a video camera with which we could record every hour of 3B's life that the NSA wasn't already squirreling away in their archive under Cheyenne Mountain.

And if I remembered what I wrote, I wouldn't have been quite so surprised to receive one of these from The King late last week:
The package arrived without a gift card or even a note on the packing slip indicating who sent it to us, but Mama did some quick sleuthing work and discovered that The King and 'Cilla were behind this surprise gift. We called quickly to thank them, then set about trying to figure out this new fangled thingamabob, which conveniently connects directly to our iMac and works seamlessly with iMovie, allowing us to produce brilliant gratuitous cuteness at a whole new level.

Gone are the days of 12-second clips from our digital camera pasted together to look like a movie. Now we have hour-long tapes. And widescreen formatting. And a 30x zoom lens. And a jealous dog. And now we know what it's like to obsess over videotaping our baby. And now, so do you:

As for that story about the orchestra pit safety net and my theater nickname that The King referred to . . . maybe someday I'll tell you about those.

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  1. Barky: "I guess my seat's in the front row."

    3B: "What's that big shiny thing in front of your face, Papa? I must crawl over to you to investigate."

    "What's that flashy red thing in your hand, Papa? I must crawl over to investigate."

  2. Anonymous9:29 AM

    I love iMovie. So easy to throw together quick movies.

    One word of advice, and I think henitsirk touches on this, don't show a young child a movie via the playback on the camera. Once I did that, every time I took the camera out, all my daughter wanted to do was sit in my lap and watch the movie. Kinda makes it hard to get actual footage...