Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The nightly digression

Last night, thanks to some hard work by Mama, and our purchase of a new gizmo over the weekend, 3B slept in his own room for the first time. He did wake up three times, twice to nurse, and once just to say hello, but it was a wonderful night for all of us. When I went in this morning, he was laying on his back, playing with his blanket, smiling from ear to ear.

Mama's hard work was clearing 3B's room enough so that we could get into it past the changing table. Since he's been sleeping in his Pack N' Play next to our bed, 3B's room became the dumping ground for unused furniture, unfinished projects, and other homeless items in our house. In one day, Mama cleared everything out, stacking up a pile for Goodwill donations, rearranging furniture, and organizing 3B's closet to the point that we can now close the doors.

Speaking of closing closet doors, that brings me to tonight's digression: Our closets, save the one in 3B's room, have been without doors for at least eight months now. This is because we were going to get rid of the horrible, circa 1969, shuttered, steel bifold doors that rattled and squeaked like a rusty tinman falling down a flight of stairs and install sleek sliding doors. We got the first part done, but there are issues with installing sliding doors. Financial issues--like that it would cost many hundreds of dollars more per closet to install sliding doors rather than bifold doors.

The only problem with not putting in sliding doors? Since we took off the wheezing bifold doors, we've filled the closets with organizers that aren't compatible with bifold doors. If we go back to bifold doors--we'd put in simple wooden ones, not the tumbling tinman model--we would have to remove everything from our closets, including the organizers, install new organizers, then put all of our crap back in.

In the debate over which option sucks the least, one thing has become clear: we have too much crap in our closets. This is in part because when you don't have closet doors, the contents of your closets no longer have to fit inside your closets. So we've begun our spring cleaning early by starting to clear extraneous crap from our closets, to prevent us from having to install trash compactor doors on our closets.

Tonight was the night that I went through our box of old videotapes and tried to figure out which of them we needed to keep. Some were obvious, like the only videotape I know of that has my Dad on it. It's somewhat dry, since he's addressing a business meeting, but it's still comforting to me to watch it from time to time. I came across some tapes that have me in them that I might have tossed if I didn't think that someday 3B might want to look back on his old man for a few good laughs--hey, those clothes were cool in the 80s. And, tucked along the side of the box, I came across a tape that my uncle had recorded and distributed to all of us who hiked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon with Mom in 1997.

After I was done sorting the rest of the tapes, I put the Grand Canyon tape in and fast-forwarded through to the bits with Mom--typically walking out of the frame as quickly as she could. It was nice to see and hear her again. She's so happy and vibrant. Watching everything that we did, and how many people were involved, I'm amazed again that this then-65-year-old woman made it all happen. And made it to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and back up to the top again. It kicked my ass, and I was 29 at the time, hiking daily in the Colorado mountains.

I still miss her, [OK, I just had to take a break and have a good, hard cry, but I'm back] and it was a great comfort to me to see her again, even for those fleeting moments. I'm so grateful to my uncle for capturing those times for us to have to see again now. The tape serves as a reminder to me to get a digital video camera to capture 3B as he grows up and to capture ourselves, so he can see us as we are now.

Although, if we can figure out how to hook up our newest gizmo to the computer, we may have a new source for footage of 3B. However, the scenes won't be that exciting however, since they would be coming from the new video monitor we got and hung above 3B's crib in his room. While I was the one arguing that we didn't need a video monitor as Mama rightly asserted her need for the more peaceful night's sleep that she felt the video monitor would allow her--which it has--I am the one who is now fully geeked out the potential video connection between the monitor and our computer.

So keep your eyes peeled for those six-hour videos on YouTube that look like they were shot at night through a black sock from 100 feet above a crib. Or maybe we'll make it a webcam, so rather than us having to monitor him, we can just wait for you to IM us when you see 3B fussing. Ain't technology great?

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  1. Anonymous8:56 AM

    3B on Demand. I love it. Could be the cable channel of the future! All 3B, all the time!

  2. You are now a complete tech-dad geek. I vote for the webcam, but then maybe it's kinda weird to be a baby voyeur.