Friday, February 23, 2007

Cuteness offset: 3B stands up for himself

I've heard from some of my loyal six readers that my previous post might have been a bit abrupt and graphic.

To offset the image of 100 dogs locked into a steel cage, likely tearing each other apart in their panic, and being lowered into the East River only to be pulled to the surface six minutes later, all drowned, gouts of water draining from the lumpy mass of limp flesh and fur that blanketed the bottom of the cage, I give you this unabashed display of gratuitous cuteness:

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  1. That is soooooooo cute!
    And, I love your song choice.

    I just made my office-mate watch it with me!

    ...that aside...Can you tell me how to upload to youtube & how to incorporate it into my blog?

    You always have such perfect 3B videos...and I'm green with envy.

    Back to your baby: I just want to pinch & kiss his little perfect cheeks!
    He's so precious...
    If he's that good all of the guys are so lucky!

  2. AWESOME video! Really, truly awesome!

    Congratulations, but look out! :)

  3. notice how he's looking around ...?

    yeah. that's cuz he's using his new vantage point to scope for things to get into now that he's mobile.

    trust me.

  4. Anonymous3:42 PM

    Nice try with the whole "chubby cheeks, smiley baby" thing.

    I'm still mad at you.

  5. I think sometime very soon that nice potted plant I saw in the background is going to need a new home. Though they do say eating dirt is a good immune system stimulator.

    PS: Is your Recent Comments sidebar thing on a vacation and showing old highlight films?

  6. I think I heard my 18 month old say "how you doin'?" Is he into older chicks?

  7. Anonymous3:20 PM

    AWESOME!!!! Man that kid is happy, does he ever cry?

    Strange though as someone who calls you guys friend we have watched your new life unfold from thousands of miles away, it makes me a bit sad. We need to get together.

    Anyway I say we start a soundtrack to 3Bs life. What song shall Papa use for his first walk? I say papa chooses it but lets give ideas.

    From my own catalog,

    Walk dont run
    walk like an egyptian
    walk this way
    walk the line
    walking the dog
    walk on by
    walkin after midnight

  8. Anonymous3:20 PM

    PS the last one was the King chiming in.

  9. Anonymous3:02 AM


    Of course, as I was watching, I realized that's probably what I look like as I try to get up off the sofa after drinking way too much wine and trying as hard as I can to stagger toward the bedroom without falling into my television.

  10. The kid is very cute!!!