Sunday, February 11, 2007

Mama and Papa can't date anymore

Mama and I both came to this sad realization this weekend, when friends babysat 3B while we went out on a hot date. It was to be a fun day for everyone, since the friends are parents in 3B's monthly playgroup, which means that they would be bringing along 3B's friend.

Did I mention that 3B's friend's parents are cool, fun, and organized parents? They showed up at exactly 10 in the morning, and we all had a fun brunch together, talking about the kids, laughing about the kids, and actually talking about ourselves some, which was nice, since we're all still getting to know each other somewhat. The more Mama and I get to know them, the more we like them. This makes us a little sad, because they're taking 3B's friend off to live in China this summer, where his daddy will be starting a new job. But that's months away, right? So, we're just going to ignore that and continue hanging out and having fun for as long as we can.

We got so caught up in talking that, after kissing 3B goodbye, Mama and I were running out the door and down the hall, tapping our feet waiting for the monkey to bring up our elevator, and then squealing the tires around the corners on our way to the movie matinee that we had picked out the night before.

Even though we were running late, we were excited because we were going to the Cinema Drafthouse, where we could catch a movie and get lunch--OK, it's fried bar food, but it's still eating out--and have a beer--and I don't mean just like in no paper cup, I'm talking about a glass of beer. There's never any parking at the Cinema Drafthouse, so it took us a frantic minute to find a spot up the street. Then we had to dig up enough quarters to feed the meter and run down to the theater, where we stumbled into the lobby, breathless.

Even though we were 10 minutes late, and even though I hate missing the trailers, much less the beginning of the movie, and even though we were going to have to drive straight back home after the movie, it was all going to be worth it for this one hot date. So we were practically laughing with glee as we asked for tickets.

"Two for For Your Consideration, please."

"We don't start selling tickets until around showtime."

"Right. Showtime is 11:55. It's 12:05. Is the movie full or something?"

"No. Showtime is 11:55 p.m."


(a somewhat medium-length, Mametesque pause)

"Well, what are you showing right now?"

"A kids' movie."

We thanked her and walked out laughing--we went to all this trouble to inadvertently show up for a kids' movie? Clearly mommy and daddy brain were in full effect the night before when we were looking up showtimes.

We weren't going to let this three-hour window close without us getting out and having some fun, however, so we drove down to Olde Towne--yes, they write it that way and take it seriously--looking for some hot date kind of fun. You know, midday on a Saturday hot date kind of fun. On the way, we decided that we'd find some good food then just kick around in and out of the shops, which isn't something that we can easily do with 3B along. We did find some good Thai food overlooking the water, and then we wandered up the street, poking in and out of shops.

We ended up in this brilliant toy and clothing store for kids, Why Not?, where we bought 3B his own Curious George to sleep with, just as I had growing up. We also got him some other non-boop-boop toys, and got 3B's friend a wooden toy as well. All in all, it was a fun time shopping, with Mama and I reminiscing over various toys that we had, or that we had always wanted, when we were growing up.

As we drove home we, of course, called home to check in. After we told her how our hot date turned out, 3B's friend's mama laughed, "You ended up spending your hot date away from your baby in a store for kids?"

And that's when we realized that we just can't date anymore. It's not that we don't want to, or that 3B will keep us from it, or that we didn't put plenty of thought into planning this--it's just that we're no longer capable of dating.

Holy baby, Batman, I think that we might be becoming parents.

Update: I just wrote this in an email to Dear Wife, and I figured that I should write it here, since this blog is the only semblance of a listing of 3B's developmental milestones that we have.
Tonight, 3B stood up in his crib unassisted for the first time. I'm sure that he would've done it earlier, but we haven't been able to put him in it until we lowered the mattress, knowing that he would just stand up and climb out otherwise.

Once all the babyproofing is done, it is exciting to see the little bean stand up. I mean, just six months ago, he didn't know how to eat.
And so we've gone from his not knowing how to eat to our not knowing how to date. And yes, King, now that we have a place where 3B will reliably, and somewhat safely, stand up, we'll get some video of that. Until now, we've been spotting him too attentively to grab the camera.

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  1. we've gone through similar situations in the dating arena.

    We got so used to eating quickly so that we could tend to the baby, that when we went out on our first date after Gage's birth, we were done with our complete meal in 15 minutes!

    babies change EVERYTHING!

    ...speaking of change...
    I had a curious George doll when I was little too! Loved that monkey. Loved his adventures.

    The new curious george dolls...not the same. The fabric is different. They're softer than they used to be.

    Still---a fabulous little monkey!

  2. P.S. Yes, I got the threadbared from you.
    Please don't be offended that I did not reference you.
    I don't always like for everyone to know who I'm reading!