Thursday, February 01, 2007

Snapshots: How your parents dressed you, selling this blog, Chris Rock as Nostradamus

Threadbared: How your parents dressed you.

You read that right--"Tie 'em in and keep 'em warm." There's nothing I can say about this that they didn't already say better over on the 40's page at Threadbared, where I lifted this from. But maybe you don't find bondage between a mother and child amusing. Fair enough. But how can you resist the allure of the 80's page?

The entire site is brilliant and addictive, and I've been keeping it all to myself in the last few months, since our friend (whose name is also, confusingly, Mama, so we'll call her Mountain Mama) sent me the link. Apologies for keeping it to myself so long and for all the deadlines you'll miss today because you just can't stop yourself.

Who are you kidding? As if you have deadlines on a Friday.

That's it! I'm selling this blog and retiring.

My blog is worth $8,468.10.
How much is your blog worth?

OK, so the money would only be good for a coupla' weeks of retirement, and I have no idea how this guy came up with this figure--I'm still sticking with his conclusion.

Go and find out how little all of that spare time that you pour into your blog is really worth, but take his calculation for what it's worth. This fun little toy is a fifth-generation hand-me-down, and the research that backs it up is over a year old, which in innernets years is like 17 years.

Chris Rock As Nostradamus
Few people can make me laugh harder than Chris Rock. OK, there's Chapelle, but since he split the scene, all that we're left with is reruns. The Daily Show is funny, particularly Samantha B., who makes me laugh out loud, but since Colbert left, there aren't many busta-gut laughs there.

And let's take the nightly digression here . . . While I can sorta understand what Colbert did, it's too bad, since he went from being hilarious in the Daily Show format to a consistent, if regularly unamusing, one-note parody in a show that has moments of hope and long spans of awkwardness. . . .

But back to the people who make me laugh so hard that I cry--check out the title of the OJ video that Chris Rock pulls out at the end of this clip and tell me that he's not a modern Nostradamus.

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  1. Anonymous1:34 AM

    The eighties were so sweet. Love those member's only jackets.

  2. I also recommend for its Museum of Kitschy Stitches.

    Even funnier was
    thought it's sadly now inactive.

  3. Sadly, we had our newborn in something like that bondage blanket for a week after we got him home, only ours glowed in the dark. Sure, they said it was to cure his jaudice, but we all know it was just to help teach him who was in charge.


    Nice blog you have here, Papa Bradstein!