Monday, February 19, 2007

Where have you been, my blue-eyed son?

Mea freakin' culpa. Looking at my own blog, I realize that it's been a week since I last posted anything. I hope that you, my loyal six readers, found some meaningful way to spend the time that you would have devoted to my daily profound, witty, timely and yet timeless missives. That is, if you even noticed that I was on hiatus.

"Don’t mistake snark for intelligence. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in three years of blogging, it’s that being a postmodern wiseass wears thin. Alternate your bitching with facts and balanced arguments; contribute something more to the conversation than just attitude."

Fine, I'll stop being a wiseass. The truth is that, while I did enjoy all the spare time that not writing gave me, I did miss all of you, because just as I wasn't writing for my blog, I wasn't reading any blogs. I had an excellent reason (excuse is such a vulgar word) for breaking the cardinal rule of blogging--post often, post regularly--Anthropapa was visiting.

AP and I were college and postcollege roomies, so hanging out with him was a homecoming in certain ways. He knows me better now, after not having seen me for 10 years, than many of my current friends, which likely says more about who I've become than about the quality of my friends' characters. And, although AP and I usually email infrequently rather than talk, and although we were talking about everything new in our lives--OK, not everything, just our kids--our conversations seemed to be picking up from where we left off, rather than starting again. To make up for lost time, we stayed up 'til all hours: midnight. Yeah, we're parents. So I ended up not having much time to write.

In addition, I read The Zero Boss' post on how not to blog, and it got me to questioning this whole blogging enterprise. And with a whole week full of spare time, which would have otherwise been spent blogging, to contemplate blogging itself, what conclusions did I reach? You'll have to read future posts to find out, but I will whet your appetite with this revelation that came to me when I returned to blogging and happened to check my counter stats:
When one of the largest parenting blogs in the world links to your blog, you might not want to take a week off from blogging starting the next day.

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  1. No wonder he came back looking mighty tired for a week away from work and kids. I blame it all on you! PS: so jealous I couldn't come too.

  2. I totally DID notice.

  3. I wait with bated breath for the revelation. teach me master.

    Welcome back. Always great to catch up with friends.

  4. Anonymous5:55 PM

    I was JUST going to email you and ask where the heck you were! Honest!

    And congrats on the plug, even if you were gone to miss it :-)