Friday, March 16, 2007

Life speeds up to a crawl

3B finally has the art of crawling down to a science. A fast moving science. In fact, he's temporarily given up his abiding interest in walking now that he can tear down the hall around his exersaucer and into the living room faster than Michael Schumacher can shoot through a chicane.

For me, the greatest benefit of this is that when I come home from work at the end of the day, I'm greeted by 3B turning, grinning, squealing, and slapping and thumping his way over as fast as he can to greet me.

OK, there are sometimes a few stops along the way, but damn, those stroller tires are fascinating.

The rest of the time that 3B spends tearing around the house is not idle time. He's constantly on the lookout for ways to help, like rearranging all the screws, screwdrivers, and utility knives in the closet. As I was rescuing him from a marauding herd of dust bunnies in the hallway, plucking them off the legs of his footie pajamas, I got to thinking how he could satisfy his needs to crawl and help out at the same time.

All he needs is for me to sew him a set of footie pajamas made out of Swiffer pads. I mean, what could be better for all of us? He'll have a clean floor to crawl around on and we won't throw out our backs Swiffing.

It'll be far easier for him to get under the edges of counters and around the toilet than it will be for us--he's already proved all of that. And for those tough stains, we can sew him some PJs out of that scubber material on the end of the Swiffer pads, then dip him in that Swiffer Wet Jet stuff before we set him loose.

Gives a whole new meaning to his favorite bedtime book, Pajama Time . . . Oops, gotta go. Child Protective Services is at the door. Time to play hide and seek.

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  1. Anonymous1:03 PM

    This post is useless without video of speedbaby.

    TCB on crawling when sober.

  2. Niiiiice. I used to think the dog was the best floor cleaner (at least for food crumbs) but your idea is tops.

  3. Didn't my daughter send you the picture of the baby mop outfit? Sometimes even your sister reads what you write.

  4. Anonymous2:06 PM

    O.k. I have to fess up here. I have already given my 5-year old a swiffer for each foot and let her "ice skate" around the kitchen. She's having fun and I get a clean floor. Win-win.

  5. Anonymous7:02 PM

    Check out these Duster PJs!

    Classic! Wish I'd thought of that.

  6. Anonymous9:20 PM

    That has to be so fun seeing him greet you at the door! Yeah for crawling! Oh, and give Barky my condolences :-)