Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Mama and Papa remember how to go on a date

Mama and I both love 3B with all our hearts, and we often wonder where the depth of our love comes from. It seems at once so natural and so strange: here's this little man who we don't even know, and we would lay down our lives for him.

Or sacrifice our sleep, the barfless shoulders of our clean clothes, and our entire living room to him, whichever comes first.

And yet, we were both as giddy as high schoolers--OK, as giddy as sleep-deprived, 30-something high schoolers--that we would get to go on one, and maybe two, hot dates this month, since Mama's mom is visiting for a few weeks. I guess that some parents have trouble with in-law visits, but having Mama's mom here is like having a mini-vacation at home. She's another Mom on the scene--and a professional one at that.

The evidence of her mad mom skills is evident in who Mama is--if Mama's mom could raise Mama, I believe that it's entirely likely that in her two week visit, she can undo every parenting mistake that I've made over the last seven-and-a-half months. But, as I said, beyond showing us the way, Mama's mom also lets us go out and play while she watches the baby, which is something that we've done rarely and poorly since last July, so we were looking forward to this opportunity with bated breath for weeks. It would be like old times: we could hold hands, watch a movie, go for a bike ride and stop for a treat at a cafe along the way.

And that--not any lack of love for the light of our lives--is why, when our door closed behind us, with 3B, Mama's mom, and Barky on the inside and Mama and I on the outside, Mama looked at me and said, "Run!"

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  1. We usually look at each other when we get into the car, savor the silence, and say, "I remember you!"

    We're trying to see how much time to ourselves we can carve out of Easter weekend with the grandparents...I'm betting on one dinner, or perhaps an hour or two at the bookstore. Hot dates, I know.

  2. Anonymous10:59 PM

    Don't forget smoochin'!