Friday, April 20, 2007

Am I hot? Are you kidding?

Even though I don't have MetroDad's fabu hair, the thoughtfulness of L.A. Daddy, or the design savvy of Greg at DaddyTypes, apparently someone out there thinks I'm a hot daddy blogger--and it's someone other than Mama Bradstein.

However, even though I was nominated by BlackBeltMama, Mama B. doesn't have anything to worry about--Mama B. is a second-degree black belt herself, after all. More important than Mama B's ability to hold her own in a rumble, she's the love of my life, and nothing will come between us--except perhaps the 471 miles between here and Vermont, where Mama and 3B are for the week, visiting 3B's Grammy and Great-Grandma for Great-Grandma's birthday.

Although I'm flattered by the nomination, I'm not sure what it was based on, especially since my writing reveals my charming personal traits and my profile photo shows only the best side of my face:

Whatever it is, I seem to have attracted another fan, although I'm not sure if I should be heartened or disturbed by that development.

I'm also flattered that BBM nominated this blog for the best parenting blog, even though parenting might be the topic that gets the least play around here (note to self: less writing about my own barfing, more about 3B's barfing).

I'm sure that I don't have a chance in hell of winning either category--in one, I'm up against Neil Gaiman, ferchrissakes--but it did make me feel nice that BBM thought enough of this blog, and the back of my head, to nominate me, especially because I enjoy her blog so much. I found BBM when I was searching for blogs that I thought might help support Mama in her quest to return to practicing Tae Kwon Do, and I got hooked myself. Not only is BBM a great mom, but she's funny and insightful about everything that she's got going on.

I'm not sure how she finds the time to do so much good writing, but I'm glad that she does. And if you want to know who else I think is deserving of an award, check out the What I'm Reading list in my sidebar (and yes, I know that the double apostrophe should be single, but Blogger keeps changing it back to a double apostrophe . . . whatta' ya' gonna' do?).

My site was nominated for Best Parenting Blog!

My site was nominated for Hottest Daddy Blogger!

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  1. Anonymous5:27 PM

    Mama's got nothing to worry about. ;-)

    You got a hot blog here mister, and there's no reason why the back of your head shouldn't qualify! ;-)

    Thanks for all the compliments-totally not necessary, but I'm glowing none-the-less.

  2. Anonymous8:02 PM

    Wait a second. Did this person that thinks your hot see the pic of you passed out on my couch?

    TCB on lookin as good as the King.

  3. Anonymous9:27 PM

    Congrats! And now you can tell 'em "it was an honor to be nominated!"

    And I bet Mama B. would say you're thoughtful, too.

  4. Well, you do look pretty nice in a tux!

    I was wondering about those double quotation marks, Mr. Editor Man.

  5. The hat is hot.
    fer sher.