Sunday, April 01, 2007

Good friends we have

This is friends week here at the Bradstein Household--all friends, all the time. Why? Because recently, we've just been inundated with fun times with good friends, and I want to share the love. Also, many of those who have been sharing the love with us through shout outs, call outs, and hang outs are among the six loyal readers of this blog, so I'm a bit remiss in getting back to them.

But we've been without DSL for, like, three and a half years, so cut me some slack.

Speaking of call outs, I challenged the loyal six to put a name to some lyrics back in February. (Crap, was it really that long ago? Man, now I feel even worse for taking so long to get around to this.) Steve, over at the Hygiene Chronicles was the first caller with the right answer, so he got to name his prize. Unfortunately, it took me two months to get my act together and schedule a night to buy him the drink that I owed him.

Which is really unfortunate, since he's the lifelong friend I never knew I had.

Steve's right that blogging is a way of pre-finding people, and it makes sense that you'll find people who are a pretty good fit--after all, we've self-selected as dads, writers, pseudogeeks, etc. In addition, we each only read the subset of that group with whom we share bonds. And man, do Steve and I share bonds; when he wrote recently about the customer service at Verizon--which is who we've recently, agonizingly switched to for DSL--and 80's poodle-head rock, I knew that we were going to have a great time together.

There's not much that I loathe more than bad customer service, and not much that I love more than the sweet sounds of power chords and shredding guitar solos played by guys who own more spandex than a French bicycle racing team and more AquaNet than Terri Garr in After Hours.

So, I rolled back the sunroof, turned up the G'n'R to 40--who the hell knew that the stock stereo in a Honda would go to 40?--and cruised down to meet him. It was exactly as he describes it, and exactly how it feels to catch up with an old friend after a long separation. Mostly we knew about what was going on with each other, but we each needed to fill in some details, had a few questions about this and that, and more than anything had a great time laughing over everything. On the way home, I was in such a good mood, so excited to tell Mama all about it, that I kicked the music over to My Humps and bounced all the way home.

I can't wait for our families to meet each other, perhaps at a Nats game, perhaps we could make it a trifecta at a Nats-Mets game, if any of their fans have the cojones for that.

Next up: a reply to that call out (while you're waiting for that, do go over and show some love to Black Belt Mama, who just cracked a rib while picking up toys).

After that: 3B's first professional photoshoot, and video of a day with 1000 kites.

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  1. Anonymous8:47 AM

    It's so great that you got to meet up with Steve. I'm jealous of both of you! Might have to make a special trip down for that Mets-Nats series so I can join in on all the fun!

  2. Anonymous8:52 AM

    Thanks for the friendly links. I haven't actually met another blogger yet. My readers seem to be from all over the place and Singapore is just way too far of a trip for me to handle right now. ;-)

    As a public service announcement to your six (very smart) readers, NEVER PICK UP TOYS DURING ALLERGY SEASON! Only bad things can happen.

  3. Anonymous2:40 PM

    I'm so glad you got to meet him! I was on a roll a few months back, meeting lots o' bloggers but I'm in a dry spell now.

    I have my eye on YOU Papa. You're my next target. Don't know how or why I'd get out by you but I like a challenge.