Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Men aren't necessary, especially those pesky dads

[I finally got on the bandwagon and signed up for BabyCenter, just like every other parent and expectant parent between Park Slope and Adams Morgan, or between the Mission District and Santa Monica, out on the left coast. Before you get all up in my grill about waiting until 3B is nine months old to find out what I've been missing, please read their confirmation message, which I've copied in its entirety below.

Apparently, I've been missing nothing, except ovaries.

I added the bold emphasis even thought their emphasis is clear enough--this canned confirmation is a great way to engender my loyalty by letting me know that they've got my best interests in mind, and that I'll find plenty of useful answers to the questions I have about raising 3B.

After my gender-reassignment surgery, that is.]

Dear Papa,

I'd like to thank you personally for joining, and welcome you to BabyCenter! We're thrilled you've decided to become part of a dynamic community of 4 million moms and moms-to-be.

To update your password, or your personal or family information, log in here [link deactivated].

As a BabyCenter mom, you now have access to thousands of informative articles[link deactivated], bulletin boards[link deactivated], helpful shopping guidance, product reviews[link deactivated], from other parents, and much more:
  • See what's safe for your baby with our Ready or Not development guide[link deactivated]
  • Use our Store[link deactivated]
  • Enjoy free weekly e-mail newsletters[link deactivated] about your baby's development
Thanks so much for joining BabyCenter. We're delighted you're here!


Tina Sharkey
Chairman, BabyCenter, LLC

UPDATE: D'oh! Black Belt Mama is right. There's a series of boxes on the right that I ignored when signing up, where I could have selected "dad" instead of the default "mom." Mea culpa, BabyCenter.

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1 comment:

  1. Anonymous6:44 PM

    I thought you could sign up for Daddy updates! When I signed up years ago, I signed up my husband for the daddy one. I think the Mommy must have to be the primary or something which is just dumb.

    I think Mama would have a serious problem with you acquiring ovaries.