Wednesday, May 30, 2007


For those who were worried--or was that just us?--you can see for yourselves how unaffected and happy 3B was less than half an hour after getting burned by Mama's cousin's Harley. 3B clearly doesn't hold it against his cousin:

*Long-distance dedication: That subject line goes out to the 14-year-old Japanese girl who is MetroDad.

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  1. Don't worry, be happy just like the kid. He will grow up nice and safe, just like his father. I remember the doctor saying that there was no medical purpose served in stitching up his knee after the third time he opened up the same cut. I believe the third time was achieved by slide tackling a rock on the beach.

    We saw some of the bikes on the way out and a few may have made it back to the Golden State. I thought the rafts of cycles were just early for Street Vibrations in September.

  2. Look at that tongue sticking out!

    and, BTW, what in the world is FWIW???

    I understand OMG, LOL, ROTFL, etc.
    But that one...oh, I'm apparently just so not cool.

  3. You must be teaching 3B to roll with the punches, just like you do every day biking to work, right?

  4. FWIW, it means "for what it's worth." BTW, it's a pretty useless filler, even when spelled out, and it's also redundant with "by the way."


  5. french country of this ANPE ASSEDIC URSAFF ? jajajajajaj i don't understand this one too; Lainey-Paney you 're right we 're not cool :)