Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Although one of my original intentions for this blog was to record the happenings of 3B's life, I've missed a few notable events, like his first freckle, which showed up the Saturday before his six-month checkup. But I want to ensure that tonight's milestone doesn't drift into the past in the same way.

As I mentioned recently, "hands up high" is one of 3B's latest favorite games, and tonight, as he crawled around the living room floor, busily investigating all of his toys, he was frequently distracted by his hands. Mama has noticed that he typically starts out by suddenly noticing one hand, grabbing it with the other, then hoisting both of them, still clasped, as high as he can, which currently means that he gets them up to about his forehead. That's high enough that he can see out under his arms and let loose a beaming grin and a little chortle at his accomplishment as he looks to us for our reaction. We, of course, cheer, laugh, and raise our hands over our heads, singing "Hands up high! Hands up high!"

Ours is a house of elevated discourse.

Tonight, 3B went through this process as he squatted next to his Old McDonald blocks barn that he had just tipped onto its face. That was probably just fair revenge--over the weekend, after he put a block into the barn, 3B leaned on it and it snapped forward, splitting his upper lip. Ugh. It looked so painful, but I was inches away and there was nothing I could do to stop it, it was so fast. But still, I felt like I had a Bad Daddy medal pinned to me until his lip healed over.

But back to tonight, with 3B squatting next to his barn, finding his hands, clutching them together and raising them up as high as he could. He got so caught up in raising his hands up that 3B followed his hands up as high as they could go, standing straight up in the middle of the living room without any assistance or balancing hand on any object around him.

For the record, he didn't topple over or otherwise crack his noggin; he simply sat straight back down and went on playing.

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  1. Anonymous2:15 AM


    TCB on standing sober.

    Good job 3B!


    ...before you know it...he'll be walking, and running, and ALL OVER the place! You'll barely remember these times when he was still so unsteady & toppling over all the time. I happen to believe that's why blogs rock! (oh, and I guess journals too...) It's wonderful to go back & read about the milestones from a year ago...or 6 months ago...because the time really flies!

  3. The Manic Mommies repeated a great phrase to describe parenthood in a recent podcast episode:

    When the days are long, and the years fly by.

    The few times that I've looked back at where we were a year ago, I've been shocked at how far we've come.

  4. Anonymous2:51 PM

    I have so many of those Bad Mama medals it's not even funny. Injuries are the worst.

    Sorry I've been away-I've been sick. . . to put it lightly.

  5. Way to go 3B! I love how they achieve these major milestones while completely engrossed in something else.

    Just yesterday I scratched my daughter's lip while playing "Mama bird brings the worm (my wiggling finger near my mouth) to the baby bird in her nest (finger goes toward girlie's mouth, while she lies on the changing table)." I'd say that's at least a bronze Bad Mama medal moment. And yet more evidence of how low we sink to entertain our kids.

  6. What a great moment...Thanks for sharing it with us!

  7. Anonymous9:50 PM


    I'd like to see video evidence though. You know, just to be sure. . .and maybe to see how cute he is.

  8. I'd love to see video evidence too, but it's hard to know when to pull out the camera. And hard to keep a hand on him, in case he starts toppling in a dangerous direction, and film at the same time.

    But, trust me, we're working on it.