Friday, May 04, 2007

Near, Far

This is where I used to work:

This is where I work now:

Stupid Flickr--that first photo is from the Glacier National Park pool--thanks for making me wander through the veal-fattening pens and mutter to myself like an 83-year-old indigent pushing a shopping cart, asking, "Where the hell did I go wrong?"

Oh, and a happy weekend to all?

OK, to make up for that truly dismal, self-absorbed post, here's something to get your weekend off on the good foot:

But if you really prefer the dismal and self-absorbed, especially from a glorified sock puppet singing NIN--hey, nobody ever said it would be easy being green--here you go.

Man, I'm just not capable of ending on a happy note am I? OK, here's my best effort--we're going to a Cuatro de Mayo party tonight with TresB.

Hope it doesn't suck.

. . . damn, did it again.

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  1. Anonymous6:56 PM

    Ha! I liked the Sad Kermit video! Funny stuff.

    I'll have a Cinqo de Drinko margarita for you tomorrow! That should cheer you up. Or. At least cheer me up...

  2. Why does Blogger keep messing with my html? Grrr. Fine, I'll take out the hyperlink. Sheesh. Sorry for the deletions.

    Ahhhhh! That Kermit video! My brain, my eyes!

    I haven't seen anything that disturbing since I attended a free screening in Irvine of the lovely Peter Jackson film "Meet the Feebles." As an IMDB commenter succinctly put it, it's "a puppet flick full of drugs, sex, guns and porn."

    We're going to the Met with the kids tomorrow morning, I'll send highbrow happy thoughts to you.