Sunday, May 13, 2007

Way to go, Spicoli

After reading this post from the LATimes blog on the fire on Catalina Island, a coworker said, "This is why Northeasterners, like myself, look down our noses at Californians."

I don't understand why he said that. Spicoli here doesn't even mention his ferret.

Moving back

Josh Olsen, 23, a fourth-generation Avalon resident with bleached, spiked hair, had his work cut out for him this morning lugging back home "the important stuff I saved last night: two skateboards and three guitars including a vintage '70s Rickenbacker, once owned by Warren Zevon," a rock musician and songwriter who was known for his dark and sometimes humorous songs.

Still missing was his albino corn snake "which I think is loose in the house somewhere." Looking back, he shook his head and said, "It was kind of a trip, man. Awesome."

-Louis Sahagun in Avalon

Other possible titles for this post:

Any other suggestions?

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  1. Anonymous11:34 AM

    Roland the Headless Albino Corn Snake

    Looking for the Next Best Corn Snake

    Your a whole different snake when your scared.

    TCB on Warren Z

  2. The Northeast has something more worth saving than an albino corn snake and a Rickenbacker that Warren Zevon used to own?

    Well, play it all night long--

    --Mr. Jumbo Bad Example

  3. Like there aren't any 23-year-old skateboarding dudes with pet snakes and collectible guitars that don't speak well in the Northeast? Cha, as if.

    They just have weirder accents out here.

  4. King--You realize that living in Vegas makes you practically a Californian, right?

    You feeding your ferret anything other than wheatgrass smoothies yet?

  5. Silly coworker. He obviously had a sad childhood, so now he is doomed to a value system that totally lacks what's important in life. Rock and roll, man!

    I vote for:

    I Was in the House When the House Burned Down, It Was Kind of a Trip, Man

    Or how 'bout:

    Bringin' Back the Rickenbacker

    Lame? Yes. I am i ashamed? No.