Monday, May 21, 2007

Zebras are reactionaries

We went to the zoo this weekend. It was on too much of a whim to call Steve to see if he and Larry and Corey--who are FONZies--could join us. Next time we'll plan further ahead. Maybe far enough ahead to remember to pack either camera--our digital or the sweet video camera that the King gave us.


I'm claiming parent brain caused me to forget them, and yes, I'm sticking with that story . . . especially given that my other choices are ignorance, stupidity, and premature senility.

Being on a whim, as we were, we didn't check the Metro website to discover that there were half hour delays due to track work and single-tracking along our route. That meant that leaving after 3B's afternoon nap got us to the zoo at about his dinner time. Fortunately, even though the buildings close at 6, the grounds are open until 8, so we walked the Asia trail where we got to see sloth bears, a leopard, red pandas, and otters. After a quick snack for 3B and for us, we headed out, stopping by to see a cheetah on our way.

Cool thing at the cheetah enclosure: a scale where you can weigh yourself and see what kind of prey you compare to. Turns out that I'm a young wildebeest. That's the first time someone's called me young in years--and a wildebeest, too!

Dude, I love the zoo!

Unfortunately, since I didn't have either camera, I was using my phone for pictures and video, so I couldn't get anything good of the animals or 3B close to them. However, 3B did manage to put together what I got and tell his tale of the day, although I think his expectations were set a bit high by our recent visit to the opening of our friends' beautiful new pediatrics practice:

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  1. Papa,

    Judging from your video---looks like 3B got robbed on the whole zoo trip.
    Assure me that he saw REAL, LIVING animals...

    ...on another note...gosh, that reminded me of taking Gage to the zoo for the 1st time. We got robbed. Half of it was closed for this-or-that...and then a quarter of the animals were too hot to come out...

    we saw a lot of birds & paid a lot of money for less than mediocre food. We got robbed.
    Next time---fort worth zoo. I hear it's better.

  2. Oh we did--we saw sloth bears, a leopard, red pandas, otters, and a cheetah.

    However, the most fascinating animal at the zoo to 3B was the bird hopping along the path, picking at crumbs dropped by visitors.

    Y'all should come up here to our zoo sometime; it's free.

  3. Anonymous2:22 PM

    I dont know why but the King alway has to get Sonny and Red to bring him a hanky when he sees the vids.

    TCB on keeping the King humble.

  4. You totally have to call us next time. We were free.

    Next time for sure.

    LOVED the video

  5. If you plan really far ahead, we can come too, but they might be doing construction on the road between here and the airport, so we might not make it.

    The video is the next best thing to seeing the 3B even if you had to use your phone. At least that was attached, or you might have left that home too. Like my mother used to say about my head.

  6. You know I'm always the happiest guy around to see pictures of 3B and, oh, O.K., his mom and dad too.

    But honestly, you need to leave all those cameras home more often. Enjoy the moment for its moment, not for its posterity.

    I don't worry about 3B getting to see wild animals. I know the family he was with last Thanksgiving.

  7. CA Girl: They're always doing road construction around here, so we must live close to one another. Come on over.

    MrJ: There's a reason I only have a few shots from a trip that was several hours long. It's hard to shoot pictures with a boy on my shoulders, hips, swinging from arm to arm, and so forth.

    When you're 10 months old, the best way to see the zoo is to fly through it, swooping around, right?

  8. we aren't FONZ and we don't have kids, but we do live a block from the zoo... haven't seen you guys in such a long time, 3B looks so very much bigger! very cute and cuddley!