Friday, June 29, 2007

Kick out the jams mother ... er ... and father

Today is the anniversary of the first musical recording, which was made on a paraffin cylinder in London's Crystal Palace. I can't think of a more appropriate gift to mark this anniversary for someone who really likes bikes and music than this slightly updated version of that first musical cylinder.
Yes, that's a bike-mounted iPod dock. No, it doesn't recharge the iPod from pedaling power. Bummer about that.

Advantages of the new cylinder: plays more than one song, flecks of dirt don't become embedded in it when you endo your bike, and it doesn't melt in the sun.

Advantages of the old cylinder: if you didn't like the recording, you could run a piece of string through it and use it as a candle.

Also, as Engadget says

"Sure, you might have the soundtrack of a bustling city or the quiet calm of the countryside to provide background music for your biking trips, but every once in awhile you're bound to want to seriously shred to Ride the Lightning."
I'm not sure that I'd go with Ride the Lightning. I'd prefer to think of my bike seat in more positive terms. I was thinking of perhaps Master of Puppets or, of course, Damage, Inc.

Then again, before long, we'll be trailering 3B behind us, so we may want to rock his favorites, although I'm not sure how far we'd get with Sound of Da Police or [Help] Da Police thumping out from our bottle cage.

So if you're in NoVa and see some dad getting cuffed while NWA rocks his bike and his baby sleeps in his bike trailer, please call a bail bondsman for me.

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  1. Uh, yeah . . . too bad I believe in hydration on my rides, or this would be a good idea.

    It's only about 10,000% better than being one of the Pod People with earplugs in as they ride, numb to the world around them, the guy coming up to pass from behind, the two-year-old about to cross unexpectedly in front of them.

    I don't mind music when I ride, but I can't with good conscience wear anything that'll block the sounds around me. It would be great to get pumped to Chariots of Fire or Rocky or the L.A. Olympics music or something.

    But I'm not going to give up my water bottle for these guys either.

    I wonder how well this thing handles potholes. Not sure my iPod would love the jarring my bike frame gets.

    Good fun toy, though!

  2. Anonymous1:54 PM

    Shoot, I just need to start riding again. I've got a bike but LA Mommy doesn't. And we'd need to get the accessories to add LA Toddler.

    And I'm a bit spoiled by the motorcycle :) Why pedal when you can go 0-60 in 3 seconds? Mu-ahahah!

  3. MrJ: I'm with you about the hydration and the Pod People and the dog walkers who believe that it's OK to walk on one side of the trail while their leash stretches across the trail to their dog on the other side, 10 feet behind them, which clotheslines anyone who tries to get past them. I'm also against anyone with enough gall to ride down the trail forcing me to listen to whatever music is pumping out of where their water bottle should be.

    But, when I meet that person, at least I'll know to address him as L.A. Daddy.

    LAD: Just kidding of course. But seriously, you should be riding in a city with such great weather.

    As for the dirty ol' gas-sucking hog, I agree that speed is a thrill. But try rolling downhill at 60 mph with only two square inches of rubber holding you to the road for a thrill. There's something extra sweet about knowing that you earned every one of those mph. And the hospital bill if you get a flat.