Wednesday, June 13, 2007

River, Swimming, Rolling Thunder

That's the title not only of this blog post, but also of the latest indie movie on YouTube. This low budget flick features

  • a Mother's Day trip to the river, including nutritional tips from a young vegetarian
  • 3Bs first trip to the swimming pool, including a big, balding (yet hairy in all the wrong ways), white whale--that would be me--holding an adorable lad, as well as a hot Mama
  • a trip to DC to see, and hear, Rolling Thunder, a ride for vets that apparently matches the sound of its namesake, according to vets who know--check out the passing shadow of the airplane, which was flying just a few hundred feet above us on final approach to National Airport, and which you can't hear over the motorcycles
Check it out--it gets two big thumbs up, plus one small thumb up (or being sucked, depending on his mood), and a dewclaw up too!

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  1. Great video, probably you're best. Good music, good filming and a great young star!

  2. Anonymous12:07 PM

    Thumbs up from us too. What a master crawler you've got there. Judy S was just telling me that not crawling is somehow linked to right/left and reading problems (like there isn't enough to worry about) - so way to go 3b in scooting toward literacy!

  3. Steve: You're too kind about the rest of it, but you are right that he is a great young star.

    Christy: Mama's mom--a former superintendent--also pointed out that he reaches across his body for objects--grabbing something that's to his right with his left hand and vice-versa, which is also a good sign. We'll take all the good signs we can get because knowing that half of his genes are mine has given us plenty to worry about. I'm just hoping that all of mine are recessive.

  4. Anonymous2:41 PM

    TCB on Bikes for Vets.

    Nice work once again. Although the King used to reach right left and all that did for him was get him another beer.

    TCB on walking and talking soon.

  5. Awesome crawling, and al fresco snacking. Get that boy some kneepads whydontcha!

  6. Very fine job acting, filming and directing from all three of you. I guess Barky stayed home. Are you sure you cannot bring 3B in July? I am glad I can at least see him this way. He will be chasing his cousin #2 down the pool in no time.

    Aunt California Girl

  7. Papa:

    You need to talk to that wife of yours about why she spends so much time filming your hairline for you.

    I know everyone appreciates the light that shines from a good man. But there has to be an angle that puts less emphasis on how much you're starting to look like your older brother.

    Great clips! (Nice music too.)


  8. MrJ: I appreciate that you think I'm so bright. Would you rather that she film my ear hair? I've got plenty of that these days.