Friday, June 01, 2007

We can see through your masks

Seriously, she can't pick a song without a focus group of 10,000 of her closest friends?

Funny . . . I didn't see this song on the ballot.

Not that she's hanging on my every scrap of wisdom for guidance--she's too busy blanketing the country with spam asking for any scrap of wisdom to do that--but this doesn't stand a chance of engaging me with her campaign, or with her. This just makes me think that she couldn't even pick songs from a jukebox, much less positions on issues to create a platform, without making sure that her choices were OK with every person in the bar.

What a way to demonstrate leadership. And to avoid asking real questions like, "How do you like my vote on Iraq now?" Or, "What story would you believe about my vote this week?"

I would maybe cut her some more slack if she wasn't so tone deaf all the freakin' time. Or if she wasn't the only smart, cutthroat, roughly liberal candidate who could possibly keep the country from being run by a man as slimy as a salamander--and with the name to prove it, no less. But she is tone deaf, and she's not the smartest kid in the room.

Welcome to the show, Senator. Take a seat, if you can find one; everyone else has been here awhile and made themselves comfortable. We can smell a poser from a mile upwind, and we play for keeps, so I hope, for your sake, that this email isn't your A game.

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  1. They wonder why Americans don't vote?

  2. OK. You've made some good points here, but you're forgetting one critical factor: she's SO hot. Once the Hillary calender comes out...she's a lock for the Dem nomination. And I'll be buying a copy for my bedroom.

  3. CaGirl: We do vote. All the time. For American Idol, Rockstar, and apparently for presidential candidate's theme songs. Just not for anything of, you know, great social and political import.

    MMcDad: *shudder*

  4. Anonymous11:52 PM

    Can't stand her! I was hoping there was going to be a public message board where I could recommend the song "Hate Everything About You".