Sunday, July 29, 2007

3B is 1!

To prove it, we had a party, which was a fun little adventure. We got to discover all the questions about baby birthday parties that we had never had to answer as guests--what time? how long? what do we serve? what do we do? will 3B's hair smell like cake all afternoon?

We still don't know what the right answers are to the first four questions, but because 3B gets his cake eating skills from Mama's side of the family, as you'll see, the answer to the last one is yes, as you'll see:

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  1. He has such a placid, peaceful way of picking up the cake in his mitts and cramming it into every orifice in his face.

    With that kind of relaxed, centered energy, he'll do well in later life at martial arts.

  2. Anonymous11:30 AM

    If this whole word edit thing doesnt work out for you, I see a future as a video fellow. MTV is calling. How do you keep from peeing your pants when you watch that in person?

    TCB on cake for 3B

  3. Anonymous2:24 PM

    The answers are simple if you ask someone with kids...

    10:oo am so as not to interfere with nap time

    2 hours or until nap time

    Cake... DUH!!

    Eat cake, throw toys, cry, unwrap presents

    In addition, maybe if he had a cute little hat to wear it wouldn't much get in his hair.

  4. Birthday Cake is one of those experiential things. It must visit all the senses on the way in. 3B probably wanted to draw out the time he had to spend with that sugar laden confection, touching, tasting, looking, smelling and hearing what a good boy he was to enjoy his meal. How often do you drop a plate of sugar in front of him and let him have at it? I would wait to introduce forks until his aim improves though.

  5. Ah, the glassy-eyed sugar experience.

    Forks, we don't need no stinkin' forks!

  6. Gage got icing in his eyes at his birthday, started screaming & crying....and before the party was over, Damon & I had to abandon the guests & give Gage a full bath & head washing. He returned to the party in his pajamas.

    Besides...he didn't really have any of his own the guests were our family & friends, who stayed to hang out with us waaaay past Gage's bedtime.

    ...and now we have the 2nd one just around the corner!!!

  7. Happy 1st Bday! and to Jess, too!

  8. oh...and i forgot to add: if it were socially acceptable for me to do so, I'd eat my cake just like 3B...only...I'd probably do it an animal.

  9. Anonymous2:54 PM

    Happy B-day, 3B!

    Hmm. Cake. Is it lunchtime?

  10. Anonymous9:31 AM

    Holy cow, dude! That video was awesome. I had a smile on my face the entire time. Loved the soundtrack and the effects. Also loved that total auto-pilot cake coma look on 3B's face. Fantastic.

    Can't believe he's one already. I feel like he was just born yesterday. Happy b-day, 3B!