Thursday, July 05, 2007

Cabana Boy Safe from Marauding Kitty

This is a baby gift that has something for everyone. It's perfect for parents raising an aspiring young Kato Kaelin. Or those parents who are locked in rehab, lounging by the pool, trying to keep the hands of seamy debutantes, half-wit B-list actors, and vapid heiresses off of their little beauty. And for those parents whose 'hood is overrun with clowders of cats, it will keep their young cabana boy safe.

Of course, a pit bull would go through that thing like a lawnmower through Kleenex, but at least Pickles won't be rappelling (abseiling for you Brits) into your cabana boy's crib. Then again, if Pickles used his claws to climb up there, rather than being dropped in place by a photographer, I'm pretty sure that it would look like a bridesmaid's taffeta gown after being dragged over every bush in the White House Rose Garden.

But perhaps it would have stalled a dingo for long enough to prevent all of us from being subjected to Meryl's accent.

Portable Play Yard Tent plus Cabana Kit from BabyCenter

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  1. Anonymous10:53 AM

    Nice. I am all for cool things to do with babys. And putting them in experimental space pods is a great idea.

    TCB on to much allergy meds.

  2. dude: you totally just referenced Kato Kaelin AND Meryl in one post.

    you are my new blog-hero.

  3. Anonymous12:25 PM

    I have something similar and the top part is the biggest pain in the a$$ to get together! Ugh!

  4. This is just plain old funny. Well done! However, these mosquito nets are life Africa, at least.

  5. Yo, King--S'up with all the bloomin' plants in the desert?

    s@bd--I wasn't already your blog hero? Color me miffed.

    BBM and MMD: I figure that this thing is useful, especially in climes like ours, with bugs as big as horses, but I just don't get why they used a cat to demo it.

  6. I guess I could go with the "it's better than coating the kid in DDT" angle, but are bugs that big of a deal that we have to put the littluns in a net-sided baby jail?

  7. Any new idea will do to separate Mama and Papa from their hard earned money in the name of keeping baby safe. How did we ever survive to adulthood with all those dangers out there?

  8. Henitsirk: If the bugs are as big as cats, then I believe that the answer is, "Yes."

    CAGirl: I'm not sure how I survived, but I do know that my eye doctor says my vision's probably not bad enough to need glasses, but after all of the things that have flown into my eye, like those scissors, I should wear glasses just to protect my eyes.