Thursday, August 09, 2007

Can you hear me now?

If you heard a baby screaming, crying, and fussing all day yesterday and then from about 7-9 in the evening, that would have been 3B, getting through his first day at daycare. So yeah, we were all in great shape this morning.

I guess that I haven't read far enough back in the mom and dad blogs that I regularly read to have seen the posts warning that getting a kid to daycare is like mobilizing Hannibal's army at oh-dark-thirty in the morning. Diapers, wipes, spare outfits, meals, snacks, bottles, immunization certification--I've taken fewer supplies for a week-long camping trip. Thank goodness we didn't need to bring toys or we would have had to rent a small trailer.

In fact, Ms. K's place has all the fun toys that 3B likes here at home, plus another whole domain of toys that we haven't gotten into, like toy strollers, which he loves. The cutest was when he was pushing it around and I put a Cabbage Patch doll into it. 3B stopped short and craned his head around to check it out. We don't have any people dolls for him around here yet, so I'm not sure if he was confused by the doll or just confused that I would mess with his ride like that, but I got the cutest little, "Dude, what the hell was that for?" look from him.

Between the toys and all the cool things--shiny stars, the alphabet, and drawings of shapes, flags, and animals--that Ms. K has hanging in windows, on the walls, and on easels, there were plenty of things other than toys to distract 3B. None of them were enough to distract him from us leaving, however, which is when the banshee wailing started. According to Ms. K, it did get better during the day, but he didn't want to let her hold him, which might have been better for her, since a 25-pound, screaming, squirming worm isn't the most pleasant thing to hold on your hip. But he also pretty much refused to be comforted in any other way. He also didn't really sleep all that well during either nap. On the upside, he did eat like a champ. "He sure loves his corn!" was Ms. K's surprised report about his eating at the end of the day. It's something we just discovered last week, and yes he does. 3B goes through as much corn as you'll give him, as fast as you can get it to him.

When we picked him up, Ms. K had him in a stroller, drinking from a sippy cup, which was about the only place that he would stop fussing. Ms. K did say that despite our worries, he did very well for his first day. And, if we ever had any doubts that he recognizes or loves us, they were put to rest on the ride home, when he was as giddy as a playboy after a John DeLorean party at Studio 54. Nothing but giggles, belly laughs, and happy exclamations all the way home. All we had to do was look his way and another torrent of chuckles rolled out of him. Of course, part of that came from 3B being overextended and punchy as well as giddy.

So, although Mama got a break from him during the day, which allowed her to get to a meeting in the city for her consultancy, stop by and see our friends who are moving to China one last time, and do some work at home, both of us ended up having just about another full day with an overtired, wound up 3B in the evening and into the night. Little prince charming refused to go down at his normal bedtime, screaming his complaints, crawling around his crib, and finally throwing Curious George over the rail. For that, 3B actually quieted down, so I turned up the video monitor volume so I could not only watch over 3B's shoulder as he made the drop, but also share his satisfaction at hearing the thump of George hitting the floor. After contemplating the meaning of George on the floor for a moment, 3B started up on the piercing protests again, so I intervened. After Mama came back from walking Barky, we were able to get 3B down for the night and enjoy a moment of peace before nodding off.

It does get better, right? If not, we might as well burn a Benjamin and put a Yoko Ono album on repeat and turn it up to 11 every Wednesday.

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  1. And I thought my week was difficult. I feel sorry for 3B. The terror of separation from the only people on the planet who love him must have been awful. If you measure the hours you were gone as a percentage of his life compared to a percentage of yours, you will know how long you were really gone.

    On the other hand, Shadow is completely confused. Her people are all still here after the long car trip, but her house and her couch are gone, and the beds are not the same here. She still begs for my food though.

  2. brutal.

    i have no advice whatsoever, as my kids haven't gone to daycare (although some days, SOME DAYS, I damned well wonder WHY) ...

    if it helps: all of my friends' kids who have gone to daycare seem to have adjusted just fine.

  3. Bad days and good will happen. My kids didn't go to daycare as infants, but sometimes even hanging out with grandparents for a few hours seemed traumatizing.

    Once 3B gets used to Mrs. K and the whole scene there, I'm sure he'll be fine. Little ones thrive on routine and familiarity, so this was a really big disruption for him. But it will be OK eventually.

  4. Anonymous7:43 PM

    Just wait until the day he practically pushes you out of the way and doesn't even give you a backwards glance, he'll be so happy to get rid of you and go to Ms. K's. Then you'll be all, "WTF man?"

    I hope it gets better and that it happens sooner rather than later for everyone's sakes.

  5. Oh...Gage loves pushing strollers too.