Friday, August 31, 2007

Weed, whites, and wine, and walkin'

A little while ago, I asked for some feedback . . .

Music was one of the first bonds that Mama and I formed; the first words that I ever spoke to her when The King introduced us were, "What's your favorite Dylan song?" Both of us love to hear new music, and want to introduce 3B to the wonder and happiness that music and the discovery of new music brings. So it's appropriate that The King, in response to the latest video of 3B, had a proposal:
I say we start a soundtrack to 3B's life. What song shall Papa use for his first walk? I say Papa chooses it, but let's give ideas.

From my own catalog:
  • Walk, Don't Run
  • Walk Like an Egyptian
  • Walk This Way
  • Walk the Line
  • Walking the Dog
  • Walk on By
  • Walkin After Midnight
  • Etc...
This is an idea whose time has come now that 3B is walking everywhere that he can, and taking the spectacular, bloodied-mouth falls that only a toddler can. His first steps came on his birthday this year, just two toddling steps between Mama and I, who were seated on the living room carpet. For several days it had looked as if he could walk on his own, if only he had somewhere to go, and we wanted to test and see if that was true. It was true that he could walk, but he still got to most places by crawling; walking was just a hobby.

His first real sustained walking on his own came the following weekend, on July 29, at his friend A---'s 3rd birthday party, where 3B took several steps through a crowd in the kitchen to get to his mommy.

Since then, walking has come in fits and starts, but last week he started popping up and walking whenever he could, and only crawling when he needed to. He's even been walking around on pretty uneven surfaces--the pockmarked lawn of our building, our bed, his crib, and his own toy-strewn room. We don't have footage of him toddling around yet, but we promise to get some soon. When we do, however, we need some music to put behind it, so here's your final chance to pick the song that we'll always hum when we think of 3B walking for the first time.

I've based these selections on the previous votes submitted, but if you have additional suggestions, feel free to make them in comments.

As I said before . . .
Just like in real elections, bribes and undue influence are allowed . . .

And with that, let the voting begin--as they say in Texas, vote early and vote often.
For those of you reading in a feed reader, you'll probably have to come on over to the site to see the poll and vote. Irritating, but true.

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  1. Not "Walk Like an Egyptian". While it is walking doesn't feel right for this...

  2. Anonymous6:13 PM

    Yeah, but do you KNOW what Walk This Way is about? Oy!


  3. LP: OK, I'll subtract one vote from the Walk Like an Egyptian total to record your negative vote.

    LADaddy: Of course I do. Isn't that part of the fun? And haven't you seen Shake Your Rump? If that's not inappropriate use of my son's image, I'm not sure what is.

  4. I actually voted for "Walk This Way".


    And the video debut shall be when exactly???

  5. Anonymous9:23 AM

    I voted "Walk This Way" also. Would be a great soundtrack for a toddler's first steps. Maybe even dress 3B up in some vintage Adidas satin sweats.

  6. LP & MD: OK, so it's looking like your effort to stuff the ballot box is paying off. I'll get working on those vintage satin sweats, MD, but uh, I'm not sure how likely I am to find those down here in Dixie.

    Oh, and when should you expect to see the video?

    Real soon now. Actually, we have to find a time to get some footage, since chasing a toddler around has kept us too busy to actually, like, film a toddler. I'd say a week or two at the most.

  7. Toddler sized vintage Adidas sweats....oh, a parent can dream, can't they???

  8. Isn't "Walk On The Wild Side" Lou Reed (solo), not a Velvet Underground song? Either way, it's probably the least appropriate song for your video for just about as many reasons as there are lines in the song. :)

    Run D.M.C. it is!

  9. DD: Uh, yeah. I was wondering if someone would catch that. It's just that LR doesn't have the same ring as VU. Hey, wasn't that . . . ? Yeah, I swear I saw Lou Reed cow tipping.

  10. I like Walk This Way. I love the idea of there being soundtracks for life. Although it would probably irritate me when something sad happens and I start hearing violins...