Sunday, September 09, 2007

Chompin' Broccoli

What can I say? 3B loves broccoli. I'm not complaining one bit; it shows good taste in few different ways.

But, I have to admit, it's a bit odd how much he likes his veggies--peas, black beans, white beans, corn, squash--and even his raw tofu, which I think he likes even more than his tofu pups or soy "chicken" nuggets. I guess he really is our child, huh? Who else other than the child of two vegetarians would love that stuff?

Earlier this week, he even dug on Mama's tomato basil quiche--stealing about half of my piece. He also regularly steals my pieces of Mama's whole wheat zucchini bread, even after eating his whole piece of it.

No surprise then that this morning he loved the farmer's market, especially the stand with the fresh greens (add mixed bean sprouts for a buck), homemade marinade, and handmade tempeh burgers where the guy greeted us with a hearty, "Good morning, brother!" (I wonder if that's how he greeted the retired Army officer from Wyoming with the chicken and egg stand next to his.) OK, comrade, half a bag of the shrub clippings and don't talk to my son--I've already made him enough of a hippie on my own.

Just kidding, of course. I assume that 3B will be a chip off the old crunchy granola bar--until he rebels in puberty and becomes a lobbyist for Republican bankers--so it's probably good that he gets to know his peeps as soon as possible.

Speaking of knowing his peeps, I'm sure that 3B will be glad to know that the reason that Manah Manah and Choppin' Broccoli are malignant earworms 30 years from now is because I used to sing the former when feeding him bananas ("banananah doot doo dee doo doo") and the latter when watching him chomp his broccoli, as you can see him do here, with slightly more professional accompaniment:

Apologies about the quality, King. I didn't have time to jump up and grab the real camera, so I had to make do with my phone. Don't worry, though, the walking video will be shot on the real deal.

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  1. Anonymous1:54 PM

    He looks as interested in the phone as the broccoli ;)

    We always say Jack is going to be a little republican too. Maybe we're raising the next Alex P Keaton's?

  2. I am so glad to know that there are other families that appreciate the "Choppin Broccoli" song. There is no way under the sun to cook that vegetable within 50 yards of my parents without hearing it.

    Just another fine remnant of my TV-infused youth.

    (And I'm glad 3B likes his veggies. He inherited Mama's and your good taste.)

  3. I forgot: there's also the wonderful "Phenomena" version of "Manah Manah," with Sandra Bullock and Kermit. That one's a staple around here, any time the word phenomena comes up in conversation. Which, oddly enough, it does with some regularity.

  4. Great vid! Baby R is a veggie eater too. He'd rather have tomatoes, beans, asparagus, etc.. than meat.

    We aren't vegetarians but having Baby R has definitely increased our vegetable intake.

  5. Chompin' broc-o-li.
    Chompin' broc-o-li-i!

  6. Christy: If he's as witty as APK, maybe I'll give him a pass. Who am I kidding--his politics won't matter to me, I'll always love him.

    Henitsirk: Have no fear, ours has been a Phenomena-infused household for many years.

    Bacchus: Funny how the little people can make the grown ups eat--and live--so much better. We definitely ate more junk food before 3B came along, and junk is junk, vegetarian or not. Since he got here, we're cooking for ourselves all the time.

    LP and Steve: Glad you liked it. Now, Steve, aren't you supposed to be studying or something?

  7. Anonymous9:07 PM

    I have bad gas now from watching him eat all that broccoli.

    It was damn cute though, so that helps.

  8. SJC: My apologies to everyone on the train.