Saturday, September 08, 2007

Hello world, it's me, Papa.

This is the first picture of me, on what appears to be day one, which was really night one, since Mom waited to have me until after Dad got home from work.

True stories about my birth day: In one of Mom's notes somewhere, she described her trip to the doctor to confirm that she was in labor. Remember that I'm the youngest of six, so that meant that she drove down there herding five other kids the whole way. Oh, and did I mention she was driving while in labor?

Also, at one point, Mom explained to me that she called Dad to let him know she was in labor. Dad asked if he should come home early. She told him that it looked like he didn't need to, and then she went grocery shopping to make sure that the house was fully stocked for her week in the hospital. I asked her how she managed to do that while in labor--trying not to ask "Weren't you afraid that you'd deliver me in aisle 2, amidst all the cookies, crackers, and snack food?" Mom said, "Oh, well, some of the contractions were so bad that I had to pull over."

Grocery shopping + in labor + 5 kids in tow = Rock Star

A few quick observations:

  • Apparently my hairline isn't receding, since I appear to have been born with what we'll politely call a long forehead . . . a pre-receded hairline? . . . great comb-over potential?
  • Judging by the stark shadows, the startled expression on my face, and the defensive position of my hands, they were still creating flashes for pictures by igniting a pile of flash powder on a mortar board when I was born. Funny, I don't feel that old.
  • I have that wristband in my "baby book." It seems that my wrists were about as big around as a yellow Dixon-Ticonderoga #2 pencil.
OK, kibbitz away.

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  1. What a Mom. Wow! I guess we kept you because you were so cute. At least, that is what your sister in the next room says.

    We miss you here on the left coast.


    Your first roomie

  2. clearly you were ready to fight someone in that picture!

    ....and wow, your mom was a total rockstar.

  3. CAGirl: I don't know what picture you're looking at. There's not much cute in that picture, other than perhaps the pink and blue border on the photo folder. Missing you too here on the other coast.

    LP: Wouldn't you want to pop someone one if you'd just been born and they were popping off flashbulbs in your eyes? No wonder we can't see straight for the first month.

  4. Anonymous9:14 PM

    OMG your observations were really funny.

    You were cute then and heck, you're cute now!


  5. Somehow, I missed this one. Your mom was a trooper. I have a hard time even managing two more or less biddable kids just hanging around the house, not grocery shopping in labor! The phrase "herding cats" somehow comes to mind...

  6. H: Well, by the time I came along, the oldest was nine, so the older ones could certainly help Mom with the younger ones. They just couldn't help with the driving.