Saturday, September 15, 2007

Isn't that cute? 45 new photos of 3B.

Plus all the old ones . . .


  1. Now I really need to start using Flickr...that embedded slideshow is awesome!

    3B grows more gorgeous by the day. Love the red hair, the use of Barky as a pillow, and of course the chub legs.

    Question though: what kind of baby playgroup takes place around a glass table??

  2. Oh yeah, that was actually a going away party for a friend of 3B's who was moving to China for three years with his parents. It was in the club room in their building, which clearly wasn't childproofed. Then again, I suppose we could have done more supervising and less drinking and picture taking, right? Oh well, they all survived.

  3. It is amazing how fast they grow. So dang cute!