Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Lettin' it all hang out

This morning, after dropping off Mama at the metro for her weekly day in DC, going in to the offices of the places she's consulting for, I pulled away and turned the iPod up a little to distract 3B, who's never pleased to see her go.

Although I try to engage him a little bit, reaching back and playing little piggies with his toes, I try to stay as focused as possible, so I'm not that guy on the road. So, when we got to a red light just as a song was ending, I was looking in the mirror to check on him when the next song came on.

His grin opened up from ear to ear and he started shaking his head back and forth and softly giggling as the opening bass line of Brick House kicked out.

Now we know that we did at least one thing right.

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