Saturday, September 08, 2007

Weird synchronicity

I didn't even know who this author is, but two of my favorite bloggers--and two of my six loyal readers--did, and wrote about how her death affected them.

As I was skimming my feeds, I thought that Anthromama must have quickly changed the name of her post. And the intro. And Anthropapa's name isn't Bryan . . . waitaminnit.

Not only am I slow, but I'm not too quick.

[Anthromama: A Literary Heroine Has Died]
[Back to Me: A Wrinkle in Time]

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  1. I had not heard, but I have read all her books, as have my children. Hers is a voice in literacy that will be missed.

    Your sister

  2. madeleine d'lengle died?!
    a sad day, indeed.

    (and i'm with california girl - her voice will be missed)

  3. Yah, but I cannot compete with actually receiving holiday cards from her...that is way cool.

    I bet most people have heard of the title A Wrinkle in Time but maybe not the author's name. That one in particular was a very trippy book. Many of her others were a bit less SF and more fantasy, or were simply about real-life things like death, growing into adulthood, or family dynamics.

  4. Anonymous9:11 PM

    See? The Internets *can* help you learn new things! :-)

    Thanks for the shout-out. I still get kinda choked-up thinking about her death. And Bryan is trying to find out when the public funeral service is, as he wants to go so badly.

    I HIGHLY recommend Two-Part Invention. It's a reflection on her marriage and I read it when we were engaged. Very powerful and thought-provoking. I'm afraid to go back and re-read it right now for fear of turning into a puddle of mush.