Sunday, October 07, 2007

America's Best Value Inn: Not the Best, Not a Value

For the century, we booked a room at a place recommended by the ride, America's Best Value Inn, in Cambridge, Maryland.

While some people have nothing but small rooms to complain about, the size of our room was OK, it was some other small details that bothered us. Like the small hole in the wall.

The small petri dish that was our bathroom ceiling.

The small issue of our bathroom fan cover laying on the bathroom counter.

Which is related to the small issue of our bathroom fan being uncovered.

And then there was the small issue of the ottoman.

All in all, cleanliness seems to be one of the smallest issues on the agenda at the ABVI. And trust me when I say that you're glad I didn't take pictures of the cigarette burns on the bathtub, and that I couldn't include the smell that pervaded the room in this post.

After we'd been in it for 10 seconds, I said that it's the kind of room where you always want to wear your shoes. Mama said it's the kind of room where you wish you brought your own sheets.

I'm just glad that we didn't bring Grammy and 3B along, as we had considered, to stay in the room while we rode our century. At any rate, if you're looking for a place to stay, you might want to pass up the next ABVI that you see. According to their own brochure, they rate this property a 4 (out of 5) as a property that is well above their average. I shudder to think what the properties that rate as a 1 look like.

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  1. Gross. Exactly what you needed after a ride. More power to you both for having stayed there.

  2. Anonymous11:29 AM

    We stayed at one several years ago near Indianapolis. I am not kidding when I say this was the most disgusting room we have ever spent the night in. The room itself smelled like an old ashtray. The sheets smelled of mold, the springs in the bed were completely shot and apparently the inn was being used as living quarters. A huge party was going on outside our room complete with grills and loud music. In the morning we saw evidence of families living there, i.e. bicycles and kids toys strewn all over the place outside the room.

    Our room had a kitchenette but I was afraid to use any of the dishes or utensils in the place for fear of poisoning my kids on the first day of our vacation.

  3. Anonymous7:31 PM

    It's also a good thing you didn't bring the black light.

  4. Anonymous11:40 PM

    Nasty. Nasty. Nasty. I think I would have slept in my car.

  5. Have you seen the movie, "Vacancy"? It's probably for the best if you hadn't seen it before your hotel stay.

    Way back when (June...2006) I have a similar post about a resort we stayed at in Punta Cana, DR. A freakin' resort, and it was a mess. You can bet that my letter to the headquarters included pictures....

    But, I figured, If I couldn't get my money back---I could certainly blog about it.

  6. EEEeeeeeewwwwwww......

  7. Anonymous9:09 AM

    Niiiiiiiiice. Oh, and I like the OCMS reference in the banner subtitle.

  8. All: Apologies for grossing you out, and thanks for your sympathies. SQ and LP, I'm glad for the empathy, but sorry that you had to go through a similar experience so that you could empathize. I guess the upside is that, unlike Red Roof, at least ABVI had a room for us.

  9. At least there wasn't a crackpipe.

    Or maybe there was...?

  10. CTD: I don't know. I didn't look too far, for fear of what I'd find. When I did go to check under the bed before we left--old habits die hard--I found that the box spring was covered in a leopard skin print fabric and that the base of the bed was mirrored all the way around.

    Classy. You know, for a bordello.