Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I hate you all...

...which is why I put Tetris and Asteroids in my sidebar. I figure that those timesucks are only fair payback for all of you getting me hooked on blogs with your damned insights and wit and sublime writing. OK, and stories about beer shooting out of your nose.

After all, if I wasn't ruining my vision staring at that big blank Google Reader widget on my iGoogle home page, waiting for a new item to appear from one of your blogs, I might actually use my spare time to do something useful, like develop a gene therapy to cure Tay-Sachs disease; learn Hindi, so the Bradstein Household could outsource ourselves to India; or even keep 3B out of the dog's crate, where he likes to shut himself in and chew on the bars.

You think we should ease up on Folsom Prison Blues rotation in iTunes?

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  1. Well now you know how the rest of us feel when you post such cute pics! I could have learned Swahili and created a holder for hotdogs that keeps all the goodies in the bun and not slopping down the front of people.

    Oh what the heck, we'll just eat them plain. Keep up the pics.

  2. Anonymous10:24 AM

    I've always wondered why more parents don't crate-train their kids!

  3. Anonymous12:26 PM

    Hi - popping in via BlogRush. Love the picture - we have one of those pictures of our daughter as well. What is that all about?

  4. Bacchus: I have a few friends who need that hotdog thingie whenever you get around to it.

    s@bd: mwhahahahahahahaha!

    MD & Jaynee: I realized that this could save us the hotel heartbreak that we recently suffered if we use 3B's affinity for Barky's crate to our advantage. Fortunately, 3B loves Barky's collapsible travel crate, which fits neatly into our trunk with our luggage. Now, whenever we travel, we have a place for both 3B and Barky to sleep safely.

  5. We're planning on learning Hindi just so we can talk about "secret" things without resorting to the sorts of code that our kids are masterfully able to figure out!

    I think the whole dog crate thing is just a different manifestation of the cardboard box phenomenon. Kids love a little safe space to call home.

  6. Henitsirk: Resistance is futile.

  7. He is too cute in there, and the airline is a lot less likely to lose the dog crate than the pack n play on your next flight. We never got a crate. Shadow shuns the doghouse, and she travels in the front seat of whatever conveyence moves her. Occasionally she will condescend to use the back seat, if she must. On the trip here, dog was my co-pilot, and I stopped and let her out often.

  8. That is so adorable! I've never seen a kid in a dog crate before :~)

  9. Actually, I have completely resisted. I remember from college days waking up in the morning with tetris blocks running through my mind...not going to go there again. I have Facebook to waste time on!

    But, you did suck me into iGoogle, which I'm now furiously customizing to be my future home page. And Google Reader, and Gmail...I hear they're coming to tattoo that bar code on my forehead sometime next week.

  10. CAGirl: Barky shares his cousin's affinity for prime seating. Fortunately for him, our new(ish) car shuts off the airbag when he curls up in the copilot's slot.

    CRae: Being in the crate's pretty routine these days, so we've got a few pictures of it by now. If I get a chance, I'll try to post one of 3B cuddling up with Barky in there together.

    Henitsirk: How does it feel to be assimilated?

  11. OMG: did I not tell you? We call Gage's crib "The Gage Cage". So far, it's worked amazingly well.

    ...but damn if we didn't overspend. Our dog has a crate that we could have been using all this time!

  12. L-P: If only we could get Barky to use the crate as much as 3B does, I'd be a happy man. Perhaps we should try Barky in the crib, though.