Sunday, October 07, 2007

They Shoot Horses, Don't They?

I lied to you, and I don't even feel bad about it. I'm too tired to feel much of anything, but that has more to do with foolishly being up until 1 a.m. before dropping off Grammy and 3B at the airport and driving to NYC with Mama than it does with riding 100 miles on our bikes yesterday.

But hey, I don't need to be awake to drive, right?

We completed our century and did much better than we expected, finishing in about eight hours, which included about seven hours of riding time. That means that we averaged a riding speed of about 14 miles an hour, which is about .5 mph faster than we averaged on our training rides.

Greater than all the numbers, however, was the feeling of completing the ride and not feeling totally wiped out. Sure, we grabbed a quick beer, a quick dinner, and went right to sleep, but we felt no worse than we did after any of our training rides. This morning we weren't stiff or sore, although we could feel a little muscle fatigue when we were carrying bikes up stairs, but nothing bad. All of that means that the training paid off, and that the 10-15 hours a week we spent in spandex, straddling our skinny leather saddles, were worth it.

Even greater than that was the feeling of coming home and 3B seeing us and smiling his big, crazy, around-the-thumb smile at us. You know, after he'd taken 30 seconds or so to look us up and down and scowl at us, either because he didn't recognize us after a 24-hour absence or because he's already passive-aggressive at 14-months old.

We did take the camera on the ride, but we were so busy pedaling and yakking that we didn't take many pictures. We did take a few on Assateague, however. Here's what you can't do:

Here's what you can do:

No idea who that kid in the back is, but that's me telling him that he's nowhere near man enough to wear my Naugahyde riding jacket.

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  1. Gage had his first encounter w/ a horse this weekend.
    "Horse ah eat chooo?" city slicker.

    good job on the ride, and I'm diggin' "mama's" socks in your Raleigh ad.


  2. Anonymous7:38 PM

    Congrats on finishing without dying! That's more than I could do lemme tell ya. So mad props.

    Enjoy the vacation!!!!

  3. Anonymous11:43 PM

    That sign was hysterical. Tease? Why didn't they add tickle in there too? Weird.