Monday, November 12, 2007

The first cut is the deepest

Our news isn't nearly so big as the news that my niece is a state champion swimmer out in the other Washington, as reported by her aunt, Sister #1. Woo hoo!

Back here, across the river from the real Washington, we just finished swim lessons, but that's not even the big news of the day. The real big news is that 3B got his first haircut today. Everything went fine, right up until the scissors came out.

Afterward, we rewarded 3B with food treats, because Cesar Milan is our go-to guy for parenting techniques. After filling his tiny gut with treats, we took him on a spinny ride, because really, what better to settle your stomach after terror and treats? Then we took him to Target to buy him some great reward: a clock for his room.

Yes, we're dorks, but he really does love clocks, and loves making the tick-tock sound. Now that I have my watch back after getting a broken crystal repaired, he requests to listen to it tick a dozen times a day--yes, it's so old, it ticks. He was adorable dragging his clock through Target to the register to check out, so I'm sorry that I didn't get any pictures of that, but Mama and I did manage to capture most of the rest of the terror and the treats:

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  1. Anonymous12:51 AM

    Aw, I wanted to cry with him. Cutting those baby curls is tough to do! He looks like a little man now. Love the new 'do.

    I will totally help you with FF next week now that you're not playing me. ;-)

  2. His hair is so beautiful!

    Sometimes I wonder if haircuts aren't traumatic because everyone around the kid is so focused on it. My kids are used to me coming at them with nail scissors to trim their bangs, so haircuts totally don't faze them now. They just don't want to sit still that long.

  3. I think we got through my daughter's first haircut by stuffing slices of strawberry into her mouth while the lady did the cutting. I told the lady she had until the bowl was empty to finish. My son must have had a first haircut, but you know how it is with later children. As you will see next week, he is a bit off on the hair cutting thing at present.

    I am looking forward to seeing all of you Saturday.

  4. BBM: Thanks for your sympathy for 3B, and I will shamelessly take your help with FF, now that you've trounced me. And I'll even let you go on believing that beating my FF team was half a challenge.

    Henitsirk: Next time, we're bringing him to you.

    CAGirl: Too bad we didn't know that; he's all about strawberries these days. We all can't wait to see you too.

  5. How adorable :)

    His hair is so cute.

    I'm new to your blog and didn't want to be just a lurker.


  6. Jillian: Welcome. If only his carousel ride was more like the one you wrote about recently. Actually, it turned out OK, but there was that bit of screaming at the start.