Thursday, November 15, 2007

Crazy Plane

OK, we've packed up the two cameras--video and still--and all the batteries that go with them. We've loaded up the iPod with all of 3B's favorite music (including his new fave, Play That Funky Music, White Boy--apropos for our boy...they don't come any whiter than him), all the videos of 3B, plus VB's favorite video, plus two episodes of Electric Company, including one featuring the letter "m," which, along with "s" and "o" is one of 3B's favorites; he recognizes all of them pretty consistently and makes each of their sounds, although, under pressure, he might resort to calling any letter "m." It is his favorite, after all.

We've arranged for Barky to go to his country home, chez Liberal Banana, where he'll get to hang out with her new pup in their yard.

We even remembered to pack clothes and pajamas for all three of us, including a new holiday outfit for 3B, although we still have a chance to forget our toothbrushes. However, if we forget 3B's toothbrush, this would be a long trip indeed.

So, internet, what are we forgetting--other than sleep and the fact that we're crazy for flying across the country with a toddler?

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  1. Anonymous3:04 AM

    I hope a stop over in Vegas is in the plans.

    TCB on drinkin with the King and the Akeman.

  2. King: By the time we got to Vegas, we would have had enough baby wrangling that we'd be ready to drop off 3B with you and Akeman and head for the bars for some quality mommy and daddy time. Unfortunately, however, we're stopping in Denver. Apropos, I suppose, when you consider that we must have been a mile high when we made the reservations and thought, "Nah. 3B doesn't need his own seat."

  3. Lots and lots of snacks. Eating is always fun and time-consuming on a plane.

    And you are indeed insane for not getting 3B a seat.

  4. You forgot to mention, but you did take care of his favorite aunt to pick him up and give you a break upon arrival. If I claim I am picking him up as a unaccompanied minor, I could meet him at the gate. To do that, he would need his own seat.

    Here is hoping you are sitting by an empty seat. You did remember to put a baby hold on the seat next to yours, didn't you. It would guarantee that seat would be the last one assigned on the flight.

    They have a nice play structure between where you get off the plane and baggage claim at your final destination. You will find me there with your boy after you claim your bags.