Friday, November 09, 2007

Hiding in the closet

My kingdom for a sawzall!

Failing that, since we don't have a kingdom to barter with, we paid a handyman a king's ransom to get the final two doors in, and he did a beautiful job. Now I don't get all itchy and nervous when I walk down the hall, although I do admit that when I think about all the crap those doors hide, my eye gets twitchy.

Maybe that's just because I know that 3B has two more heavy glass doors to swing back and forth against the steel racks and baskets in the closet. Hm, now that I look at them that way, those doors aren't so attractive. What the hell were we thinking, getting something attractive and fragile?

Oh yeah, we were thinking that we were tired of seeing this:


And anxious for something attractive like this:


Enjoy your long weekend. I'll be in the hallway, polishing my shiny new closet doors. Take that as you will.

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  1. if those were my closet doors ... i would never leave my hallway.


  2. Verrrry niiiice. We seem to have the habit of removing closet doors in every house we live in. Something about never having doors that work properly, or not having room to open them and have our bed in the room!

  3. s@bd: See, that's what wifi is good for. I can blog from the hallway.

    Henitsirk: Yes, that's why we tore out the old ones--that, and the fact that they were 163 years old and made of the same metal that they used to replicate the sound of thunder in the Old Globe. They were bifold doors that, when open, cut the width of the hallway in half, and it's not a broad hallway to begin with, so we went with the sliding doors, which turned out to be cheap and the last of their kind. Home Depot was carrying them right up until we bought them, and then discontinued them. I think if more people had known about them, they would have kept carrying them because, really, these or those thunderous louvered metal masses of ugliness that have all been painted over several thousand times in vain attempts to beautify them? Really.