Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The last of eight days this week

We're watching an episode of NOVA about chimpanzees, and I think that my son might be a bonobo. I'm basing this conclusion on the similarity between bonobos' shrieks and the high-pitched squeals that 3B unleashes when he's unhappy, excited, bored, checking out his lungs, or seeing how high he can make us jump.

3B shares a similarity with one particular monkey whose life is typically calm until a situation develops to the point that someone observes "But George was curious." That curiosity is what leads 3B to look over his shoulder as he climbs atop Barky's crate, or bangs on our windows with his wooden blocks, or presses his fingers into an electrical outlet--he wants to see what our reaction will be, if we will again tell him, in his words, "No. No. No. Don't. Don't. Don't."

I have a similar curiosity about all of you--what is your reaction will be when I tag you with this infernal meme, which is the equivalent of climbing onto your roof, banging on your windows with blocks, and jamming your fingers into an outlet.

I'm sure that as you read this, the last entry in this meme, and you either see or don't see your own name in it, you'll become unhappy, excited, or bored enough to shriek. Here's hoping that you find your lungs to be strong and clear, and my apologies to anyone close to you.

Eight People Who Should Do This Meme and Not Complain:

  1. Anthromama--because with two kids, a busy husband, and a busy freelance career, she really needs one more thing--or eight more--to do.
  2. Back to Me--because Barky is Mr. November and a cover boy for the YAH calendar, and his irresistible cuteness is supporting this good cause of hers.
  3. Family of Choice--because Bacchus was upset that I didn't come see him when I was in The City, so he could spread his plague to me (not to worry, I got one from someone else, but thanks for the offer).
  4. Life Is Just So Daily--OK, Lainey-Painey doesn't deserve this at all, but I love hearing what she has to say.
  5. Metrodad--because he won't do it anyway--as if he needs an excuse to write--but how much fun would it be to buy him a bottle of scotch and let him loose on this list? Or just buy him a bottle of scotch and let him loose?
  6. Sarah and the Goon Squad--because she kicked my ass in Fantasy Football--as did everyone else in the league.
  7. Vampdaddy--actually, I'd be satisfied with eight different music lists from him, or a list of his 64 favorite songs.
  8. Zygote Daddy--because he needs to post more know, in his copious spare time.
Start shrieking, monkeys.

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  1. All right -- I will do it and not complain -- but my eight will have to wait (hey, I'm a poet!) a few weeks. There's a good reason that's the topic of my next bog post, but at the very least it'll take me that long to hand pick my top 8 albums, top 64 songs. The mind boggles!

    Let the anticipation begin.....

  2. "bog post"? Ooops -- I guess I'm feeling swampy. Ick.

  3. Hey, when it comes to this meme, "bog post" is exactly the right term. It didn't help that I dragged the meme out over eight days rather than doing it all in one shot, a la BBM.

    Regardless, my anticipation is growing...of what the songs will be and how long it will take you to hate me for tagging you, although I'm only looking forward to the former.

  4. Anonymous8:30 PM

    You know where to hit me where it hurts. Bringing up YAH? That's just not fair.

    I'll see what I can do. But if I DON'T do it, I'll pull the pregnancy card and you can't be mad.


  5. Eight days of memes? Like I have that level of concentration.

    Hell, I forget what I was doing five minutes ago.

    Can you send me the original assignment?

  6. You can find the original assignment over on BBM's blog, where she did it in what is probably the right way--all in one day. I'm just too lazy to do all that typing in one day.