Friday, November 23, 2007

Major collision in the back yard! Dump trucks! Bulldozer! Steam Shovels!

To escape the destruction and chaos in the backyard, we went to the park that we've visited at least once a day since arriving. 3B celebrates arrival at the park with a happy dance, and today, departure was marked with a short time sitting on a tree branch, which was partly done to distract 3B from the final departure from the swings.

When we got home, 3B had to call in the authorities to clear the wreckage from the backyard.

The crash was all over the TV news...reported by Mary and her little lamb.

And this is what it looked like from the news helicopter...

Oh, the humanity!

To comfort ourselves in this difficult time, we've been listening to...

Eight Songs I Could Listen to Over and Over Again (although this is far from a comprehensive list, this is part of a continuing series)

  1. Such Great Heights
  2. Song for My Father
  3. Starship Trooper
  4. Wish You Were Here
  5. Willin'
  6. Heaven (Talking Heads--live version from Stop Making Sense)
  7. Verdi Cries
  8. Forever Young (Dylan)

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  1. It was sad to see you go this morning, but thank you for leaving the trucks out back to remember you by. I am glad 3B knows how to call 911 already. Missing all of you.

  2. Nothing like a big red dumptruck to clear away the carnage.

    Gee thanks, now it's Verdi Cries on the Brain Radio all afternoon.

  3. Anonymous12:28 AM

    Everyone loves "wish you were here." It's like the universal favorite song! Love the pics!