Sunday, November 25, 2007

Make it stop!

Mama suggested that the first two items on this list should be nice asses and big boobs, but I'm overruling that. I am, however, enlisting her help in writing this entry, which is in keeping with the list itself, since Mama is the best friend I could ever hope for. In fact, she's better than I could ever hope for or than I'll ever deserve.

In fact, she observed that it's easier to list all the traits I don't like about people than it is to list all the traits I do. I guess that means that one of the items on her version of this list would be "Whiners. Kvetchers. Bellyachers."

Eight Things that Attract Me to My Best Friends

According to Mama, I like people who are...

  1. Funny.
  2. Witty, as in intelligent. Or even sarcastic--that's a surprise, huh?
  3. Laid back, without a lot of drama, who are calm.
  4. Open minded. Unless their opinions are wrong, in which case, why should I waste my time on them? But seriously, Mama said this goes along with people who can see that the world is a big place, are willing to see beyond their own perspective and situation, and who are able to see the world from outside their own box.
  5. Not too serious about themselves, and willing to laugh at themselves.
  6. Willing to make an effort, because I'm not willing to make much of an effort to socialize.
  7. Kind and patient.
  8. Not crazy.
And while we're speaking of friends, what did I ever do to you, Black Belt Mama? Why did you attempt to break my soul tag me with this infernal endless meme? When will it end?!

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  1. Anonymous9:07 PM

    Not surprisingly, these are probable the same, exact 8 traits I would choose, my friend. No wonder I like you so darn much, you laid-back, funny, open-minded bastard!

  2. I thought you liked me so much because I was willing to laugh at you. Oh, wait, you like me because I'm willing to watch you laugh at yourself...that's not it either...lemme see, I know it's something about someone laughing at you...what is it?

  3. Anonymous7:18 PM

    Open minded? Man, some days, that's a tall order.

  4. I agree w/ all of those things.

    ...and yet....drama always seems to creap in, and it usually brings with it a special kind of, you just never know.

  5. I like the "not crazy". It's really amazing how many people I interface with who turn out to be a little touched in the head. Then again, RD Lang posed in "The Divided Self" that insanity is really just a way the "aristocracy" alienates and holds back those who are different. Of course, RD Lang did a little too much acid and went a little nuts himself in the end...In the end, as long as I'm not the crazy one, I guess!

  6. SJC: You're right about the open-minded. Some days, I'd be happy to find someone with a mind.

    L-P: As a drama king myself, who's raising another drama king, it's kind of funny that Mama listed that. Perhaps I should have included "Has a well-developed sense of irony."

    VD: Yes, crazy is all relative, isn't it? Or, in some families, all your relatives.

  7. Dude, you were supposed to get it over with in one shot. You're killing yourself with this meme.

    Oh, and a note of wisdom. If you don't want to do a particular meme, just pretned you never saw it. That's what I do.