Saturday, November 17, 2007

My Rear Window

This morning, I'm looking out of my 7th story window at a giant dead mall that appears to have surfaced like an ancient corpse in a peat bog--distorted, preserved, and thoroughly dead.

Tonight, I'll be looking out of a 2nd story window at a scene like this
OK, they might have made a few changes since this photo was taken in the midst of my childhood in 1912, but still, my hometown is a little more green than the rotting corpse of consumption and consumerism that's out my window here.

So, here we go. Marching forward, barefoot, with quart size, zip top bags full of containers no more than three ounces in capacity--five is right out--held aloft to defeat terrorism. Or something.

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  1. I humbly offer: (in which a Plan comes together).

  2. Gee, that looks just like I remember, right after the dinosaurs left.