Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Say what?

On Monday, we headed into The City--for those of you who aren't Left Coasters, that's San Francisco, not NYC. We traveled via car and BART--for those of you who aren't local to The City, that's the local light rail system, which is more similar to DC's Metro than NYC's subway, although the skankiness level across all three is about the same, even though none of them can be as bad as the cabbage roll at the Terre-Haute Federal Penn.

3B had a good time exploring BART with his cousin D and his aunts (Sisters # 1 and 2). He didn't have such a good time with Mama and Papa, who were constantly after him to put his shoe back on, put his sock back on, wipe his nose, put his shoe back on, get up off the floor, don't lick the seats, put his shoe back on, don't lick the floor, hold on, and put his shoe back on. As you can tell from Sister #1's pictures, his reactions were a cross between "What are you talking about?" and "You're not talking to me, are you?"

We did eventually arrive in The City, which stopped Mama and Papa from saying all of those things. "Don't lick the floor." became "Don't lick the sidewalk." It also allowed 3B to regain control of the situation, commanding his well-trained parents to march him up and down the stairs 1,637 times--Ms. K did recently observe, somewhat wryly, that "3B does like his repetitions."

At least the trips were fast; as you can see from the picture, 3B doesn't believe in taking stairs one step at a time. You know, some kids learn to get both feet on one step before going up or down to the next one, in part because their legs are too short to alternate feet. But who is 3B to let peer pressure, or biology, get in the way of his development?

After some delicious lunch, topped off with Nutella crepes, all eaten outside by the Bay, we were all sufficiently tired and happy on the way home, to the point that 3B fell asleep on BART. Mama and I were certainly tired after our Stairmaster workout, and I'm sure that 3B was exhausted from ignoring our repeated exhortations.

But hey, repetition is how he learns, right? At least that's what I tell myself, so I have hope that one day he'll learn, and I won't have to say, "Don't lick the sidewalk." If repetition is how 3B learns, here are some things he'll definitely learn quickly.

(5 Bradstein points to whoever correctly identifies the movie reference.)

Eight Things I Say Often (part of a continuing series):

  1. "Dude." (Dude! Who doesn't say dude, like, all the time, dude? Duuude.)
  2. "Anny anny ooo."
  3. "Where's your shoe?"
  4. "Crate, Barky. Crate. Barky, crate. Crate. Barky...crate." (The gesture that goes with this is my arm extended with my finger pointing at his crate--one of the first gestures that 3B mastered, much to Barky's chagrin.)
  5. "I love you." (To Mama or 3B any time we say goodbye.)
  6. "Where's your shoe?"
  7. "What was I saying?"
  8. "Don't lick that."

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  1. Wait! You were here in The City, that is to say my City? Hmmmm I see now. LOL

    Hope you had a great time. Little Man is very much the urban kid here, he holds on to the hand rails if we are on a bus or train and he can hail a cab like nobody. The sad/funny part is that a few of the cabs will actually stop for him.

  2. 1. I say "dude" quite a bit, and it annoys the hell out of my husband.
    2. "don't lick that", and "put your shoe back on." common at the Casa de Lainey-Paney as well.
    3. I've been on the BART!
    4. I've been in time, for about 3 hours. I had a long layover in Oakland once, so I traveled by train down to the city, and ate shrimp for breakfast at Fisherman's wharf.
    5. Gage loves steps/stairs too. Which is always followed up with, "Ona do it 'gin."

  3. Nutella crepes? Now I miss California even more. Even though I'm still digesting all that turkey from 3 hours ago, I could eat about 40 spoonfuls of Nutella.

    Duuude -- "The City" is always SF, not NYC.

    Around here it's
    -Quit picking your nose!
    -Don't wipe that on your sleeve!
    -Get a tissue!
    -You have a bloody nose because your finger's always in it!

    See the theme here?