Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanks for the memories

Dude, could I date myself any more than giving this post the title of a Bob Hope song that I remember from watching his TV specials? Maybe I could claim that I only remember it from when we played it for BoHo when he and DoHo would make their annual trip to the Palm Springs Follies, but I fear that starting Thanksgiving off with a lie is bad karma, and I'll end up choking on the wishbone from my Tofurkey and end up in the hospital.

While we're talking about Tofurkey, is anyone else with me on the name of this product? The first time we were walking through Whole Foods and Mom quickly turned to me and Mama and asked if we liked Tofurkey, I thought that our conversation might have just taken a unexpectedly intimate turn. In my defense, we were living in Colorado at the time, where tofu, much less Tofurkey, was about as common as Volkswagens on the moon.

Still, once I figured out what Mom was talking about--although not until after she'd asked if Mama and I wanted to try Tofurkey right there in the store...uh, what now?--I still thought the name was a bad idea. Imagine being a little drunk-lecsic at the Thanksgiving table and asking someone to pass the...what the !$#@ what that stuff called again?...and imagine what words might come out of your mouth.

Oh well, I suppose it's not as bad as a chicken fricassee spoonerism.

So, other than not having Tofurkey on the table to embarrass myself with, what am I thankful for this year? Most of all, I'm thankful for family. Yes, it's a bit of a hackneyed sentiment, but I'm thankful for family this year in ways that I don't think I could have been in years past. A lot of that has to do with two events, one bad, one good. The bad one was Mom's death, which brought the renewed recognition that our time here is limited. The good one was 3B's birth, which renews my faith in the future and my fellow travelers daily.

As for 3B, I'm not sure what he's thankful for, although I'll take some guesses, based on recent activities...

3B might well be thankful that his Papa survived long enough to be his Papa, despite riding in this car seat. And let's not even get started on riding in the back of the VW bus in the portacrib, which his Papa also did.

I suspect that 3B is also thankful for all of the fun toys at Grandmother's house. Even if she isn't hear to watch him take delight in them, he must know that she saved them for him and her other grandchildren to enjoy.

Do I need to explain how thankful 3B was this morning to have such fun boxcars to play in?

They're so fun, you can steer them even if the wheel's not connected.

Then there are the toys that Mama and I aren't sure about the safety of, like this Mormon Stepford family with the angry boy, happy dog with the spiked collar...

...and the wicked comb-over.

In addition to family, I'm also thankful for all of my virtual friends who share their laughter, their families, and their support with me through the innernets. This includes Black Belt Mama, despite her burdening tagging me with a meme. This installment of the meme is supposed to be something about books, but since I haven't read any books longer than Go, Dog! Go! recently, I'm going with...

Eight Blogs I'm Most Thankful For (after Sister #1 and Brother#2's blogs)

  1. Anthromama, for her calm, steady, reasonable, non-confrontational voice.
  2. Back to Me, for reading and supporting me for no particular reason at all--nothing like a little validation from afar.
  3. BBM, even if she did stomp me flat in Fantasy Football (although I suspect she rigged my lineup to do that), and saddle tag me with this meme.
  4. Hygiene Chronicles--Steve and Larry are the best uncles 3B could ever hope for, outside of family. Each time they've seen him, they've showered him with fun gifts--they've got this uncle thing down flat.
  5. Life is Just So Daily, for all the laughs (and a few good cries).
  6. MetroDad, for all the laughs (and the insomnia empathy).
  7. Vampdaddy, for showing me that it's OK to open up and show the mess and the hurt and the love and the perfection of parenting.
  8. Zygote Daddy. A NoCal expat with a big beautiful baby boy and a dear wife who's as smart as a whip...what's not to love?

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  1. First, I totally had that car seat as well. I keep thinking about how safety oriented the world is now and yet all of us survived those years.

    You're most thankful for us? Man, I'm going to tear up over here. We feel exactly the same. You, mama and 3B have become great friends over this year. How lucky we all are.

    Happy Thanksgiving, dear friend.

  2. Getting a little farklempt over here. Not just for being #1 on your list....

    Oh, wait -- it's alphabetical...

    but also for the sweet pictures of 3B with those awesome old school toys. Play kitchens are the best.

    Is that a tiny Cal Poly SLO shirt on 3B?

  3. Perhaps the little family is all that is left of the entire neighborhood by the time the youngest child (or in this case grandchild) shows up. You should know that by now, little brother, who is a nice brother and dresses his child in the clothes the aunties buy when he comes to visit. Yes, I remember buying that shirt with my sister at Cal Poly SLO and thinking how big it was. It must have shrunk in the wash.

  4. Anonymous11:24 AM

    Aw, I'm thankful for you too!! (snif snif)

    And don't think I won't be obsessively stalking your blog NOW, since we know this baby is a boy. I'll need all the advice/head's up we can get!


  5. Anonymous8:54 PM

    Thanks the love is shared equally even if we are bad blog pals.

    I totally prefer those older little people than the ones you find today. In fact my mom has been trying to win ebay lots of them to give to Chins for Christmas.