Monday, December 10, 2007

Funky Funky (Crunchy) Baby

Although I'm feeling empathy for Caesar, I'm not nearly dead yet, although we are all snorting and coughing our way through Snotpocalypse Now, like everyone else in the northern hemisphere.

My Cesarean feelings stem from my attempt this weekend to fold up our futon frame into the less uncomfortable couch position. I have about as much chance of doing this by myself as I do of folding a railroad track in half. The frame itself is difficult, and it's not helped by the futon, which has compressed over time into the consistency of, oh, sacks of Portland cement (ha ha ha, of course I'm just kidding, for all of you who I've offered this bed to any time you're in town, ha ha ha, have you seen the couch?).

Confronted by a railroad track layered with sacks of cement, I did what any male would do when confronted with something that's stuck--I tried to force it. I did this by bending over and pulling up, which resulted in my shooting a disk or some other valuable part of my spine across the room like a hockey puck. At this point, I did what any male would do--I lay down and called in a woman to clean up the mess I had made. Mama and I got the bed folded up, even though I haven't been able to unfold myself since.

That's due in part to the stabbing, burning pain in my back as if I were Caesar meeting all his pals on the Ides of March, and they had dipped their knives in lye just before giving them to me through the kidneys.

So, does anyone have any tips for typing whilst lying flat on one's back? Yeah, I thought so...but it doesn't hurt to ask...except the twinging all down my left side every time I stretch my finger to press a key... but hey, who cares about me?

Check out 3B's Thanksgiving footage. We went to the park. A lot. It's a groovy park that I played in as a kid, so I loved being there with him. We also went on the train to The City. I would explain more and link to all the previous posts about this, but ouch. Oh, the train footage is there twice--same footage, different song, because I can. That's why. Also, one version is for the King.

And 15 Bradstein points to the first person to correctly identify all three songs.

Funky Thanksgiving in the park...

Funky Thanksgiving train ride...

Crunchy train ride (same footage as funky, but with crunchier music...Pardon me boy, is this the Terrapin Station? Track 29?)

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  1. Anonymous2:49 AM

    Nice. I just want to know how many giant ball jokes were made that day as well.

    TCB on 3B and Jerry G.

  2. You mean as in, "Hey, 3B, if your missing one was this big, you wouldn't have needed surgery to find it?"

    Or were we singing "You can tie them in a knot, you can tie them in a bow..." all day? Hey, it's the holiday season; we were singing about gift ribbons...

  3. Anonymous8:22 PM

    Yeah for the park!

    (I couldn't watch much of that train one because of my vertigo. Bad news.)

  4. If I were guessing with the sound turned down, I'd say Chicago, "Saturday in the Park"; the Dead, "Tons of Steel"; and maybe the Dead, "Casey Jones." Second two would run out mid-clip to be replaced with, uh, something by AC/DC, if you know what I mean.

    With the volume up, I have to guess AWB or Jeff Beck for selection 1, though it could be a half-dozen others, from a deep rich vein of 1970s funk. Second one I don't know how you Pickett, and third you already called, Jerry serenading some lady as if he didn't already have enough fans.