Sunday, December 30, 2007

3B's Mowah - Remember Maine!

That fat, quick, lively, jolly, old elf was good to 3B this year, and he got many gifts that he enjoys. One that he was particularly happy to play with, even after his day of travel home from his Great Grammy's house, was his new mowah, given to him by his Aunt Sister #1.

Even though Mama's from the part of Maine where they're more likely to call this a tondeuse, I'm still blaming her Maine background for 3B's pronunciation of the name of this toy: mowah.

As in, pahk yah mowah in Havahd Yahd, as my pediatrician used to say.

At any rate, you can rest assured that all of our carpets have been sufficiently mulched over the last few days.

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  1. Dude, the video isn't there! But I'm sure 3B is loving the mower...that's one of the best toys for his age: little stomper.

  2. Anonymous12:26 PM

    We had a vacuum cleaner that the kids loved to use.... that is all over now. Whenever I would sit down, I had to raise my feet so the youngest child in the house could vacuum under me. My favorite was vacuuming up the elephant poop. I kept asking why we weren't keeping the elephants and giraffes outside in the yard.... or in the refrigerator, where they righfully belong.

  3. Henitsirk: Hm. I'm seeing the video on both of our computers, including the one that I didn't post it from (so it won't be cached on this one). So, hm. But you can see the video here.

  4. KM: Yes, 3B still loves to sweep, and he loves the Roomba he got from his Uncle Brother #2. He's not so sure about the vacuum cleaner that we push around. Fortunately for him, Mama and Papa don't use it that often--you know, to keep him from being too scared.

  5. I tried to get the kids to like the vacuum or the mower by using it themselves. I think they are still afraid of it. Good thing for them I don't use it very often either. I try to do it when they are gone for the day. The results last longer

  6. 3B---I've got a living room rug that could use a good mowin'. So, the next time you're in Texas....

  7. I am glad to see he loves his gift. He even seems to understand that mechanical devices need work from time to time on the parts with holes.

  8. Very cute. Porgie needs a mowah too, because I need some help around the house.

  9. Anonymous9:33 PM

    I got LA Toddler Tinkertoys and she's absolutely convinced that it's really just a drum kit...

  10. OK, now I can see the video. Who knows what was going before.

    The neighbors at our last apartment had that was a fave of all the kids.

    I'm still wondering why tinkertoys don't come with earplugs for the parents. Especially since the box comes with that lovely metal lid, for extra-loud goodness.