Saturday, December 08, 2007

Oh crap

Payback's a bitch. Even though Sarah didn't call me out by name, as in, "You, Bradstein. I'm so going to kick your ass after school for tagging me with that meme that never ends! So you better be there, behind the gym, at three o'clock, to get your ass kicked!" she did sort of not-tag in my general direction.

(Sidebar: What bully ever thought that announcing the time of the ass kicking would get the victim to show up? Seriously, if someone ever said that to me, the one place I wouldn't be at that time would be the place they named.)

OK, so here's my take on the iTunes meme, even if I have been seeing it everywhere and avoiding it like that egg salad that was left on the kitchen counter all day at work. I'll do it just so Sarah doesn't unleash the Goon Squad on me...

iTunes Meme

How many total songs?
5270 songs. 14.9 days worth. (Unlike Sarah, I would run out of music before the end of Noah's flood. Dang.)

Sort by song title - First and Last…
A-Rovin - The Barquentones

3121 - Prince

Sort by Time - Shortest and Longest…
Blank Blank - LSJUMB (Google it yourself, you lazy knob)
(shortest actual song: Bonus Track - Ani DiFranco [Not a Pretty Girl])

Dinosaurs Before Dark - Mary Pope Osborne

Sort by Album - First and Last…
Achtung Baby - U2

3121 - Prince (and why does iTunes sort numbers to the bottom of the list? anyone? anyone? Bueller?)

Sort by Artist - First and Last…
Aaron Neville

50 Foot Wave

Top Five Most Played Songs…*
Massage Music, Sounds of Nature (rainfall), 3632 plays (this is the white noise that we used to loop for 3B when we were trying to make him the Happiest Baby on the Block)

Nightswimming- REM, 125 plays

Boots of Spanish Leather - Nanci Griffith, 32 plays

Rainfall Ambient Music long relaxing - Sleeping Sounds of Nature, 31 plays (this was white noise we tried, but all the sounds of nature kept 3B from sleeping...those are some loud birds and frogs)

Ideas Are Like Stars - Mary Chapin Carpenter, 26 plays

Find the following words. How many songs show up?
Sex: 18, Death: 65 , Love: 209, You: 399, Home: 32, Boy: 63, Girl: 126, Baby: 95

First five songs that come up on Party Shuffle…
Memories Are Made of This - Johnny Cash

Barbara Allen - Jean Ritchie

Step into a World - KRS One

Violet - Hole

Moonraker - Shirley Bassey

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  1. Because this is more fun than actually working my final projects:

    How many total songs?

12,607 songs. 32.7 days worth. (That without my
    one Audiobook and my Economist Audio)

    Sort by song title - First and Last…

    "A" by the Barenaked Ladies

    "2113" by Coheed & Cambria

    Sort by Time - Shortest and Longest…

    "Kuasehfgaiurgh" a bit of Brad Pitt's dialogue from Snatch, but the first "real" song would be "Horn Intro" by Modest Mouse

    "The Whole CD" Mitch Hedberg or if you want a real song here too, "Atom Heart Mother: Father's Shout/Breast Milky/Mother Fore/Funky Dung/M:" by Pink Floyd

    Sort by Album - First and Last…

    Abbey Road by the Beatles

    1970's R&B Classics by Various Artists

    Sort by Artist - First and Last…

    The A Team


    Top Five Most Played Songs…

"Walter Reed" by Michael Penn: 66 plays

    "In View" by the Tragicaly Hip: 71 plays

    "Rich Girl" by Hall & Oates: 84 plays

    "1234" by Fiest: 90 plays (and for the record, i listened to it long before the iTunes commercial)

    "Four Winds" by Bright Eyes: 92 plays

    Find the following words. How many songs show up?

    Sex: 34, Death: 57 , Love: 524, You: 1392, Home: 108, Boy: 293, Girl: 221, Baby: 90

  2. Hey, that sounds like fun. Pour moi:

    2509 songs; 7.1 days. I'm choosy. (Seems like enough song to create the world by, then rest, should be enough, no?)

    First and last:
    A.D. 1928 - Rockin' The Paradise
    3121 (Honorable mention to 1952 Vincent Black Lightning by Richard Thompson, since you already gave us 3121)

    Shortest and longest:
    This gets tricky.
    KUCI 88.9 FM Irvine is "continuous," which puts it at the top of the list.
    Next up is "baby heart Jan 9 2006" by Bradstein Baby, at 0:16.
    Shortest track from an album is "Gordon's Message" from the Violent Femmes greatest hits collection, "Add It Up," at 0:28
    Shortest actual song is "State Street Sadie," at 0:29.
    Since we already covered Styx, I'll go one more and give Honorable Mention to Yes, "Five Per Cent for Nothing," at 0:38.

    Longest is also tricky:
    39:28 for My Chemical Romance Welcomes you to the Black Parade, a talk show about the song and album.
    37:12 is D.D. Jackson's Living Jazz podcast 21.
    35:12 is "meditation-distraction" from a Miles Zarathustra release.
    25:37 is "Tubular Bells, Part I," the first track from a commercial release.

    First and last album:
    A-sides by Soundgarden
    Honorable Mention: 2005 KROQ New Music sampler

    First and last artist:
    A.J. Croce (whose eponymous album is No. 2 in the list above, after A-sides)
    "22" and Group with Hoes, from the Alan Lomax collection of songs from prisoners at Parchman Farm. (Punctuation marks get filed after numbers.) Song is "O Rosie," and if you've ever liked anything by Led Zeppelin you owe yourself a listen.

    Most played:
    "Meet Me in Heaven," Johnny Cash, 33 plays
    "Blind Willie McTell," Bob Dylan, 28 plays
    "Slow Hands (Dan the Automator)," Interpol, 26 plays
    "Golden Loom," Bob Dylan, 27 plays (This list is affected strongly by when a song was added to the library, since I spend most of my listening hours on Shuffle.)
    "Leaving on a Jet Plane," Chantal Kreviazuk, 26 plays
    Honorable Mention: "For My Next Trick I'll Need a Volunteer," Warren Zevon, 28 plays.

    Sex: 6
    Death: 15
    Love: 149 (doesn't hurt that it picks up album titles: Love and Theft, Love Over Gold, Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs)
    You: 259
    Home: 42
    Boy: 63
    Girl: 55 (includes many
    Indigo Girls)
    Baby: 24 (includes "Rivers of Babylon" by the Melodians, from The Harder They Come)

    Party shuffle:
    "World Turning," Fleetwood Mac
    "Say It Isn't So," Nanci Griffith
    "Leaving Las Vegas," Sheryl Crow
    "The Impossible Dream" from Man of La Mancha
    "Don't Stop," Fleetwood Mac

    (I'm pleased to suspect I'm responsible for Shirley Bassey's turning up on your shuffle list. And mine could have included at least two of your other four.)

  3. Anonymous9:40 AM

    Well I do not have a blog so I will waste your space.

    Totals:: 14046 41.4 days

    Sort by song title - First and Last…
 A Team Theme
    99 Year Blues- Hot Tuna

    Sort by Time - Shortest and Longest…
    Bag O Nails--The Who
    Moutain Jam Allman Bros

    Sort by Album - First and Last…

    A.M. Wilco
    3121 Prince

    Sort by Artist - First and Last…

    Aaron Copeland
    .38 Special

    Top Five Most Played Songs…

    Not realy a good one as I just redid the Library.

    Find the following words. How many songs show up?

    Sex 44,Death 27,Love 883, You 1718, Home 200,boy 490,Girl 216,Baby 123

    The King Abides. TCB

  4. Anonymous9:44 AM

    Forgot Party Shuffle

    Little Sparrow Dolly Parton
    Fractured Mirror KISS
    (Merry Kissmas by the way)

    No Myth Michael Penn
    Cindy Incidentally The Faces
    The Rebel Johnny Yuma Johnny Cash

    TCB again

  5. OK, so people like Michael Penn and Prince.

    And Elizabeth, you like Hall and Oates? Isn't that, like, something that I should be all into, not you?

    MrJ, I'm glad to see that 3B's heartbeat made it on the list. You're at the top of the list in his heart.

    King, of course you have the And a Merry KissMyAss to you too. (Respect ma authoritai!)