Saturday, December 01, 2007

We love our bush

Is it a Christmas tree...
if you're agnostic, or undeclared, or too young to vote?

What if you're in it just for the shiny lights? What if you have no chimney?

Does it matter more that it was made in China, and came in a box or that it makes you cry out, "Mo'! Mo'! Mo'! Mo'! Mo'! Mo'! Mo'!"?

Personally, I'm partial to "Hanukkah bush" as a term of choice for this wire and plastic shiny thing, partially to remind people of the mixed heritage of our family, not to mention the mixed heritage of Christmas. But it is awfully tall for a bush. Because no actual trees were harmed in the setting up of this overgrown bottle brush, perhaps I should recognize the good karma that lack of killing represents and call it a Bodhi tree...except it's not really the Bodhi Tree.

There will be time to muse on that later. For now, I'm just celebrating that we have one and it's up. In past years, we haven't put one up, since we can't have a real dead one, due to Virginia law and our building's lack of sprinklers. [Update: This isn't entirely accurate, see my comment in response to my cousin's comment.] OK, truth be told, it's also since we killed a nice potted one we have and since we go to Grammy's for a week around Christmas anyway, which means that as soon as we got around to putting it up, we'd be leaving.

This year, however, 3B has been enraptured by the trees in the airports, stores, and neighbor's windows, so we had to get one for him. Turns out that we don't mind it so much either, even if we don't know what to call it.

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  1. "we can't have a real dead one, due to Virginia law and our building's lack of sprinklers"

    Er...what?! I understand that is seems to work for you family, but not allowed to have a Christmas tree? That makes me sad/outraged just thinking about it. How does that work?

  2. Dead trees are seen as a fire hazard, so in multi-residence buildings over a certain size that don't have sprinklers, Virginia banned them. Then, as I just learned in a Google search, they repealed the ban, after learning that there were no fires caused by trees in such buildings in the year before the ban in the state. However, many buildings, ours included, kept the ban. Merry Christmakwanzukkah, especially to all you tree sellers.

  3. I'm not sure about a tree this year since we are going elsewhere for Xmas. It will seem weird not having one though.

    I don't know if Thing 1 will let this fly.

  4. You can call it a "holiday" tree, to mark the celebration of Christmakwanzukkah.


    Or, just 3B's tree.

  5. I hate that, when you can't do holiday things because you know you're going out of town. Much as I dislike the concept of fake trees, I guess I could look on it as a decoration, not as a replacement for actual foliage. And when it entrances the kid, it's all worth it, right?

  6. Whit: Yeah, it's hard to turn down a mournful kid who just wants a tree. Or one who says, "Tree! Tree! Tree!" 63,000 times a day until you get one.

    L-P: It's certainly 3B's tree after he scrambled out of the bath tonight just to come out and see his tree and then, as soon as Mama and I arrived around the corner, peed at the base of the tree on our Persian rug. I believe he was marking his territory. Whatever he was doing, he was certainly delighted with himself.

    Henitsirk: There is the disappointment of not decorating due to imminent departure, and then there is planning far enough ahead to get the decorations up in time to enjoy them. Previously, we've chosen the former; this year, 3B chose the latter for us, for which I'm thankful. The tree is entrancing me too.

  7. Random & Not Tree Related:

    I just got a phone call from my mother. (She loves your blog by the way.) APPARENTLY, I had a grammar error in one of my recent posts, and she wanted me to fix it before you read it. She was afraid that I'd give you a heart attack.

    Yes...she called me @ work for this. She called me long distance for this.

    Clearly, she is a fan.
    Oh, and of course---I fixed it.

  8. Anonymous2:37 PM

    Hopefully we will have one of those up by tonight too. Doug has been anxiously awaiting this moment. I got the living room cleaned up yesterday and today all Doug needs to do is get his homework done. Currently he is playing with his Legos.