Wednesday, January 16, 2008

3B flies in his helicopter

Santastein did extensive Christmakwanzukkah shopping at Amazon this year and found many great gifts for 3B.

Perhaps none were more exciting than this helicopter, which 3B flies in through our house. (Like his oldest cousin, 3B already had the goggles to go with this gift.)

You can see the body of the helicopter a little more clearly here...

If you believe it bears a striking resemblance to his tractor, you'd be right. It's sort of the James Bond car/boat/helicopter/tractor Swiss Army knife of vehicles.

Even better, its power source is very green. Vegetarian, in fact.

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  1. They always like the packaging more than the contents. He is too cute.

  2. Grammy once gave my kids some plastic "goggles" to play with. Turns out they were disposable eye protection from the ER she works at: you know, in case of spattering body fluids? They had never been used of course, but they still freaked me out. They "disappeared" quite soon after.

    As for 3B's Bond machine, just wait until he's a few years older. If he's anything like my son, you will have to provide a similarly sized box just to contain all the "recycling" that has now become crucial "construction" materials. You should see what my son can do with a few wooden tongue depressors and an egg carton.

  3. ...ahh...the amazing box.

    ...look at that little imagination already.

    ..and a safe pilot at that! Protective Eyewear? I'm impressed. Very impressed.

  4. I'm very glad to see the early focus on protective gear. Where's the helmet?

  5. Where is his communiction device? If he is to grow up like his oldest cousin, he will need one of those too. He really needs to talk to the control tower, or his boss.

  6. CAGirl: He is too cute. It's almost painful. Wait 'til you see the new pics of him.

    Henitsirk: So, yet another reason to get the kids together. It seems that, given enough packing materials, they might be able to finish construction on the space station and launch a mission to Mars.

    L-P, Anthropapa: The protective eyewear started as a bait-and-switch, to keep him from breaking more pairs of our prescription glasses, but he seems to have figured out the true purpose of them. Now, as soon as he's strong enough to lift the drill, we're all set.

    Kangamoo: He's not only got our cell phones and home phone, which he uses, but our neighbor also gave him an old cell phone to use. Of course, he doesn't use the old one because it doesn't do anything fun, like dial 911.

  7. Anonymous8:23 PM

    And what about the jumpsuit thing? Like, in grey or something? That would complete the look as well.