Monday, January 21, 2008

I'm an HP widower

The first time Mama tried to read Harry Potter was at the height of the early craze, when she worked at the local bookstore in the small town we lived in. Unfortunately, she started reading right as she had her wisdom teeth pulled, and so was either too doped up or in too much pain to get very far. I tried to read them to her, but she kept ending up going to sleep on me.

Around Christmas last year, however, she somehow found the time to get started again. Ever since she got back on that crack, I've had plenty of me time around the house, during which I've been catching up on fun back projects like clearing out file archives so I don't have to pole vault into bed, picking up toys, and wall mounting our new flat screen TV.

I've also found some time for some projects that really are fun, like piecing together some of our back catalog of video clips. As I've been working on that--and you'll see the director's cut edition of the results of those labors later this week--I've tried to keep up on some of the more recent footage I've shot, like this little bit about our trip to the historic and impressive National Building Museum...

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  1. I'm not sure what was funnier, spinning until he fell down or climbing the stairs with the bagel. We loved that place for the very same reason. Great place for boys to just explore.

  2. Is there anything more nerve racking than a little wobbly kid on a big flight of stairs? Mama handled it with aplomb, of course. That looks like an amazing space.

    Dude, I have to go find some annoying music to get "Brick House" out of my head now. Thanks a lot.

  3. Anonymous9:29 AM

    This was awesome! Totally loved the video. Had me cracking up. Can't believe how big he's getting!

  4. Steve: We still haven't stopped laughing over the staggering around after the spinning. Oh, and the falling down. The bagel was pretty funny, since he was doing a three-point crawl for awhile to keep it from touching the ground. Good to see my dirt neurosis made it into his DNA. Although, he did grind it into the stair later, pushing down with all his weight to see if he could crush it.

    Henitsirk: You notice that while I was "watching" him, there's no parent in the frame? Mama came over to see what we were doing and immediately went up the stairs to 3B. What's funny watching it now is the dance between Mama (don't break your teeth or crack your skull) and 3B (let me be! set me free! don't fence me in! you're going down? fine, I'll go up! you're going up? race you to the bottom!)

    Oh, and..."she's mighty mighty." You're welcome.

  5. MD: Glad you liked it. Wait until you see him next to the two-year old in the next video.

  6. :)
    he's getting so big, and certainly independent!

  7. I am glad you have a camera to record and share the best of times. Higher points in architecture only impress those tall enough to see them. Stairs are more fun when they are knee high to the climber, until the climber gets too old to go over such big rocks. Of course, then the stairs are smaller.

  8. Who needs a playground when you have a flight of stairs?

    I remember one of my kids spinning in circles and falling down. I wouldn't give them drugs so they found other ways to get giddy. Another one would shake their head until their eyeballs fell out and another one liked being upside down. She still loves being upside down, and even though she was not the spinner, she can do some pretty impressive turns en pointe.