Friday, January 04, 2008

Christmas comes but once, twice, three times a year

When we got home, 3B got a small, but delightful, second Christmas, courtesy of his Aunt Sister #1 and my unwillingness to haul his mulching mower to Grammy's farm. (Since then, Mama has showed 3B how to fill his mower's gas tank with a sippy cup. So now, in addition to mulching all of our carpets with his mower, he periodically stands over it, cup in hand, saying, "Glug, glug, glug.")

Thanks to Aunt Sister #2 and my Aunt S., cousin J., and cousin E. (who designed my Christmas banner--keep refreshing the page, it'll come around) and 3B's lackadaisical attitude about tearing paper off of gifts, 3B got a third Christmas last night. It was a Christmas full of packing peanuts, great books, packing peanuts, all the Christmas videos a boy could want, and packing peanuts. Peanuts! Peanuts! Peanuts! Peanuts!

Christmas time!

Did I mention that the boy liked the packing peanuts?

Smiles, everyone!

I tried to get him to say "ghost poop," but he shot me one of those "I know you're messing with me, old man" looks and went on about his business. The way he spread those things around, I'm going to call him Little Johnny Peanutseed.

Now that Christmas is winding down, do you think we should send out our holiday cards? Or those final gifts we haven't sent yet? It's still Christmas-ish time, isn't it?

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  1. I could send him the gas pump too. It goes well with the car too. Not your car, his little red and yellow one. The one he does not have yet.
    I am glad to see someone sent you packing peanuts. They are an important part of Christmas.

  2. We cannot allow our kids to play with packing peanuts, because we have a rather stupid cat who likes to eat them. We've never actually let him (the cat) eat them, but I can't imagine they're very good for the digestion.

    We still have a present for 3B to send I don't feel so bad!

  3. We got a package full of those peanuts too, but we had to keep Chins away from them since he felt the need to continuously try to eat them. Oh and I still have not sent out my holiday cards. I am thinking of calling them New Years cards and shipping them out this month.

  4. Send Valentines, it is still early. Think of all the love you can spread.

  5. Now you know what to get your little boy for his birthday - packing peanuts!

  6. Not Ghost poop---It's SNOWMAN POOP!

    Oh, and learn from me: styrofoam CAN be shoved up the human nose. In fact, an AMAZING amount of styrofoam will actually fit up a teeny-tiny-button nose. Gage taught me this lesson: his nose holds NINE pieces of styrofoam.

    Watch out.

  7. If I knew it was that easy to shop for him, I would have sent a box full of just packing peanuts. I sent him other peanuts too. I am glad that his mother is teaching him sound effects. That is the best part of life. She gets the mother of the year award. I think B3 can outdo the 9 pieces of styrofoam in the nose. That would be his Aunt sister #2 challenging him. Our mother's favorite was the tip of a brand new crayon or an old dried up pea, found under the table days later. Kids are so much fun. 3B's cousin stuck some gum up there one time.... had his mother scratching her head.

  8. My boy managed to get an eraser up his nose. On picture day in kindergarten. The other moms thought I was wierd when I got it out with a car key. It was what I had in my pocket, and their attempts to get him to blow it out managed to get it sucked in further.

    Noses and ears are to put things in.

  9. CAGirl: Soon, we're going to have to get the kid a garage. Fortunately, he does have tools to work on all of these mechanical items, although so far, his repair efforts have focused on his stroller.

    Henitsirk: Hm. That is too bad about the cat. Barky could care less, unless the peanuts are smeared with bacon fat.

    Drake: I'm with you about the cards. As I keep saying, Valentine's Day is a holiday too, so even in February, it's OK that the cards say "Happy Holidays," and see, my sister agrees with me, so I must be right.

    Christy, L-P, and CAGirl: After reading what Lainey-Painey and Sister #1 wrote, and knowing how curious our little monkey is, could you include some tweezers with them? Or even needle-nose pliers?

    Kangamoo: Remind me to not let 3B talk to your kids at Thanksgiving. Just kidding. Sort of. Ha ha. Not really. And the nose thing never really ends--I remember one of my best friends shoving a peanut M&M up our other best friend's nose in a movie theater when we were all about 15.