Sunday, January 06, 2008

Stock up for global warming

When we were at Grammy's for Christmas, we did a little bit of shopping, including a visit to the local hardware store, where Mama's mom picked up a sled for Aunt D. While we were there, I noticed this:

Plastic Snow

Which seemed like an odd product to stock when the world outside looked like this:


Then again, it's never to early to stock up for global warming.

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  1. can we blame said product for all orchiopexy???

    plastic snow, eh? I guess it's for people like us down in Texas who don't really get to see snow very often....

  2. I guess the plastic stuff is for creche scenes?

    Out here in the Southwestern Provinces, we don't get the outdoor variety, so the only way to tell Xmas is over is to check and see if the needles are all vacuumed up where the tree once stood.

    In the church, I think they call that Epiphany.

  3. We just flocked the outside trees with that again.

    Then my husband had to go out and shovel it off the driveway.

  4. L-P: Not unless it falls from the sky and 3B catches it on his tongue, and it melts in the spring and flows into the river to mix with our drinking water. On the other hand, using fossil fuels, which emits greenhouse gases to create fake snow, while real snow is disappearing the world over due to global climate change has an irony so thick, you could cut it with a butter knife.

    MrJ.: Around here, we call that the Roomba. And yes, even plastic trees shed needles, although I don't know what they dream of.

    CAGirl: That stuff is pretty lightweight. Maybe he could have used a leaf blower. Or just stacked the bags on a pallet and used a forklift.